LinkedIn 2014 Q2 stocks and revenue outcome

LinkedIn 2014 Q2 stocks and revenue outcome

LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) has finally reported its quarterly outcome for Q2 of 2014 and the revenue for this second quarter was sitting at $534 million, which is an increase of 47% compared to $364 million in the second quarter of 2013. When you look at the net loss attributable to common … [Read more...]

Facebook, second largest company with over $200b

Facebook second largest company with over $200b

Facebook is now the 22nd largest company in the world after crossing the $200 billion barrier; going over the $200b mark is an astonishing achievement by Mark Zuckerberg and team. The market capitalization was set at $200.26 billion with stocks closing at $77.6 on Monday, which is an all-time … [Read more...]

Facebook down mocking and $450k loss

Facebook down mocking and $450k loss

Facebook went down yesterday for around 20 minutes, and this started a Twitter mocking trend as well as a possible $450k loss of earnings for the social media network. Millions of Facebook account users were unable to login yesterday after a 20-minute outage, they were locked out whilst Facebook … [Read more...]

LinkedIn stock sits at $203.06

LinkedIn stock sits at $203.06

LinkedIn is up with 313 million memberships in the third quarter ending 30 June, and at the momsnt shares sit at $203.06 with a trading volume of 10,511,318 shares. LinkedIn has reportedly lost 1 cent per share or $1 million against a profit of 3 cents / $3.7 million a year earlier. Revenues rose … [Read more...]

Facebook shares show healthy business

Facebook shares show healthy business

Facebook shares and stocks for its last quarter shows it has a healthy and profitable business, especially after seeing a growth of 137%. Shares have hit a new high the last quarter for Facebook, which means investors must be over the moon with stock rises as well, it shows strong pace for both … [Read more...]

Pinterest ads are subtle promoted pins

Pinterest ads are subtle promoted pins

Pinterest has always been free of ads just like Twitter, Google Plus etc. But, in what only a matter of time before ads showed up on the pin sharing social site. Pinterest need to earn money and we all knew this was coming, and after AdAge back in March reported Pinterest raising $564M but with … [Read more...]

LinkedIn stocks down, should investors worry

LinkedIn stocks down, should investors worry

LinkedIn’s first quarter earnings and revenues are in with some suggesting this could be a slight worry for investors, the wonder lies if they should be spending over one hundred times more on 2014 earnings for such growth engine. At $0.38 per share earnings attuned the basis and revenue was up … [Read more...]

Twitter stock drop surely an investors worry

Twitter stock drop surely an investors worry

Seems like there could be a slight worry for investors, when it comes to Twitter’s user base the numbers are going up, not very fast at 5.8% in the last quarter but it is a growth - However, 5.8% compared to 10% a year ago is a big difference. Twitter’s ad revenue is down per 1000 timeline views; … [Read more...]

LinkedIn intro to Q3 Earnings, 259m users

LinkedIn intro to Q3 Earnings, 259m users

LinkedIn users are growing each year; the social network is not growing as fast as say Facebook or Google Plus but with 259 million monthly active users that is great news. The professional social networking site now has 259 million monthly active users, which are up from 238 million in the … [Read more...]

Windows Sales Slump But Microsoft Still Takes Record Revenue


Microsoft are having a really bittersweet time at the moment, they are failing in sales of some of their goods but luckily excelling in others. Sales of Windows and PCs dropped, but it was mainly their Xbox 360 and Kinect that spared their blushes. Despite the sluggish sales on their PC software, … [Read more...]

HTC Reports Amazing May Sales Exceeding $1.4 Billion


HTC has been one of the biggest success stories in the past year and their earnings for May is really underlining this. The Taiwanese based manufacturer raked in an enormous $1.42 billion last month and predictions are tipping the company to do nothing but grow. … [Read more...]

Android Generates More Money For Microsoft Than WP7 Does


With Microsoft's numerous revenue streams, you would expect their mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7 to be near the top of the list. A funny fact has come to light, being that Android actually earns Microsoft more money than WP7 does. … [Read more...]

Apple Overtakes Google In 1st Quarter Profit: Over 3 Billion


With Apple's long line of big selling products, you would expect their profits to grow every year. This repeating trend has continued, with first quarter income going through the roof. … [Read more...]

The Numbers Are In- How Did Google Do In Q1?


As the biggest internet site there is, you would expect Google's financial results to be impeccable. Results do not lie and things are looking very pretty for the search engine giant in the first quarter of 2011. … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Revenue: $32 Million Pulled In For 2010


LinkedIn has been getting some coverage from us of late, we have reported on its new features, how it is worth almost $3 billion and also how it has been used as part of social media that has changed the face of recruitment … [Read more...]

Twitter’s Advertising Revenue Expected To Soar In Next Year


Analysts have predicted that in the next 12 months Twitter's revenue is to set to explode. The huge microblogging service generates a large portion of its income from advertising and in 2011 this has been tipped to triple. … [Read more...]

Facebook Ad Revenue: Meteoric at $1.86 billion


Back in December we told how Facebook was set to make huge revenue for 2010 and then of course came the news of massive investment in the popular social networking site, and also news of the planned IPO. … [Read more...]

Google Vs Facebook: Revenue Per Unique User Compared


In the past, we have completed various comparisons between Facebook and Google, we have had a look at them trying to gain from each other’s markets, we’ve seen them battling it out to get you to add their webpage as your homepage and we have also reported on the user data battle … [Read more...]

Facebook revenue for 2010 could be $2 billion


Popular social networking site Facebook is having an astounding year. First we had news that it now has over 500 million users and then yesterday its co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was named as TIME Person of the Year 2010. Now further news today is that Facebook revenue for 2010 may be as … [Read more...]