Gmail Sponsored Promotions direct approach via YouTube

Gmail Sponsored Promotions direct approach via YouTube pic 2

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) is a system to allow advertisers a totally new way in targeting users, and this can really make a huge difference within Gmail accounts with the simple mix of image and text ads. With now over 500 million Gmail users it makes perfect sense for advertisers to take … [Read more...]

Twitter advertising birthday infographic

Twitter advertising birthday infographic pic 1

Twitter advertising celebrates 5 years in existence on April 13th, so it makes perfect sense to see an infographic showing its development. Eddie O’ Driscoll, Managing Director of DPFOC UK & Ireland has created the perfect infographic titled ‘Happy 5th Birthday Twitter Advertising’ and it is a … [Read more...]

Facebook’s FBX decline signals broader advertising strategy

Facebook’s FBX decline signals broader advertising strategy pic 1

As a social media conglomerate with troves of consumer data, Facebook is about to make a huge play in the social media space. (Watch out, Jack Dorsey.) Consider Facebook’s recent announcement to publicly drop more than half of its partners, a total of 15 companies from its Facebook Exchange … [Read more...]

New MSN page enhances brands

New MSN page enhances brands pic 1

The all-new MSN homepage redesign has gone a little further than just a whole new look, it actually shows the page enhances brands. To launch the new MSN homepage launch advertisers such as The Potato Council, Sony and Nissan are at the forefront of signing up first to the platform, even Tetley … [Read more...]

Facebook login bringing ads away from home page


The majority of Facebook users might login through the website home page, or even on Android and iOS apps, but there's still thousands that access the Facebook login through 3rd party websites and the company know this all too well. It looks like Facebook will be targeting ads to their users … [Read more...]

New Facebook Atlas ads targeting with accuracy

New Facebook Atlas ads targeting with accuracy

Facebook is ramping up a gear or two so it can close the gap with Google’s supremacy in the online ad space. The social network has just revealed a new advertising platform that provides more accuracy and effectiveness of online ads. The Wall Street Journal reports Facebook’s new product called … [Read more...]

Twitter objective-based campaigns adds more options

Twitter objective-based campaigns adds more options pic 2

Twitter has made it simpler for advertisers to get and pay for precisely what they need. Advertisers now get to look over what Twitter portrays as goal-based campaigns, which also adds more options. Goal based campaigns are intended to help you drive the most elevated conceivable rate of … [Read more...]

World Cup brand marketing and ad spending

World Cup brand marketing and ad spending

The global market opportunity during the World Cup this year is phenomenal to say the least, and when you look at the marketing and stats of advertisers during this sporting event the engagement will be astonishing. The infographic below made by digital marketing software service Offerpop titled … [Read more...]

Will social media be more expensive this year?

Will social media be more expensive this year main pic

If you’re in Europe or America, then you may be sick and tired of the uptick in petrol prices every time you visit the pump. You’re probably fed up with the higher cost of milk, utility bills, and nearly every other expense. Prices climb throughout a variety of industries, and people are always … [Read more...]

Twitter challenges LinkedIn for job advertising

Twitter challenges LinkedIn for job advertising

If you have only offered LinkedIn profile development for clients, or posted job advertisement, you may want to rethink your plans and start to consider Twitter. LinkedIn as we all know is one of the largest social networks for professionals who wish to look for jobs, they are also the … [Read more...]

Spotify ‘follow Phoenix’ Youtube ad campaign takeover

Spotify follow Phoenix Youtube ad campaign takeover

Spotify is ramping up a massive YouTube ad campaign, so much so they have taken over the video site. It looks like 2013 is going to big when it comes to advertising, earlier on today we reported that GM Motors are testing out new advertising over on Facebook and now it’s the turn off Spotify on … [Read more...]

General Motors testing mobile Facebook ad marketing

General Motors testing mobile Facebook ad marketing

General Motors stepped away from advertising on social networks for about a year, and now we can report they are returning to test its new mobile Facebook ad marketing campaign. The trial advertising by Detroit automaker GM Motors will kick off its new test for the Chevrolet Sonic sub-compact, … [Read more...]

Twitter’s Dick Costolo on promoted tweets and new ads


Social networks like Twitter and Facebook have really taken off as we all know, from our personal messages to following our favorite celebrities, we love to get social online. The companies behind these websites still need to make money, and while the likes of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg wanted … [Read more...]

Twitter Bags Some Beautiful Balls: Ice-Cream Trends


Online social networking site Twitter may not have quite beaten its rival Facebook in terms of user numbers, but its having a pretty good go. Figures are now equating to over 200 million and as well as the likes of you and me accessing the site, celebrity figures are as well. Articles we've … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Bounce Campaign: Embedded Polls


One of our favorite topics here at OSM is social media marketing and the campaigns emanating from it and just one of our recent posts was an interesting infographic showing social media marketing in figures. Today we have news for you of a new Bounce campaign using social media, which will use … [Read more...]

RSPCA Raises Understanding Via 24-Hour Twitter Campaign


Since its initial launch in 2006, social networking site Twitter has attracted over 250 million people and the number is still growing. Its got a little way to go before it catches up with rival Facebook, but its still impressing the likes of you and me plus a list of celebrities. In the past … [Read more...]

YouTube Advertising Story: Infographic Shows All


Back in 2005 before the launch of YouTube, none of us could ever have imagined what a huge impact it would one day make on many of our lives. Now here on OSM barely a day goes by without us bringing you a new YouTube story or video, with recent examples being Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 9 or … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing and Specifics: Why You Should Make Time


Here at OSM one of the subjects that we find increasingly popular is social media marketing. The way that this marketing platform has taken off over the last few years is nothing short of phenomenal and we’ve written about its benefits many times. However it seems that many people still don’t make … [Read more...]

More Tips On How To Get Your Fans To Spread Your Brand

Social Media Ambassador Logos

Yesterday on OSM we told you many different ways to motivate your followers to share your content, and how to reward them for promoting your brand. In today’s social media market, your fans can often be better ambassadors for your company than advertising agents ever could be. For example, video … [Read more...]

Facebook Advertising Evolution: Complete History Illustrated


Being a tech and social media site, Facebook is one of the subjects that we write most about and always seems to be generating more news. Recent posts have included its worth of $70 billion, a milestone of 750 million active monthly users reached and how social networking sites are receiving record … [Read more...]

Social Media Relevance: Entrepreneurs Express Opinion


The use of social media is gaining credibility and in turn individuals, big and small organisations and so on are taking on the challenge of using it. When we look at past articles we've written about in relation to social media, using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube have all … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Hit Campaigns: Pick of the Best


Here at OSM we often write about social media campaigns and social media marketing and earlier today told of the new initiative between Lady Gaga and MAC Cosmetics to benefit HIV and AIDS-related charities. We thought it would be a good idea to take a look at a pick of the best successful social … [Read more...]

Social Media Awareness Campaign To Fight HIV / Aids


Some 30 years ago, the world was to hear of the HIV virus and Aids which if contracted would be life threatening. In time the news would highlight the spread of the deadly disease and how even to this present day, a cure is still yet to be found. … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Near Launch: Ad Casting Actors, Appears Than Goes


For some time now, speculation as to when the new iPhone 5/4S will arrive and what specs it will include have remained a big mystery. Here at OSM we have brought you news as it comes in regarding possible features it may and may not have, asked what price you would be willing to pay, what carriers … [Read more...]

“Kindle With Special Offers” Available In US


Amazon's Kindle just got a little cheaper as it is being offered in a special deal which sees it being partly funded by advertising. … [Read more...]