Xbox One social networking with Reddit

Reddit has beaten the likes of Facebook to the Xbox One for social networking, thanks to the new ReddX app. This is great news because it means those that own the gaming console will be able to browse the social networking site as well as voting any content without even moving away from it.

The new Xbox One ReddX app will also allow Xbox One users to submit their own links to Reddit as well; the ReddX app went life across North America two days ago. Other online apps such as Reeddit will be available, which allows Xbox One owners to browse Reddit with the controller, but for now the app is built exclusively for the Microsoft gaming machine is ReddX.

The largest social networking site as we know is Facebook so for Reddit making its way onto the Xbox One first is an achievement. Obviously there are reasons why Facebook isn’t on there yet, but we guess it will happen in the future. Some users believe the Xbox One will never have Facebook or Twitter apps, they were on the 360 but then they were dropped. It seems like they want you to go to Facebook and Twitter to use them rather than a built-in console app.

Xbox One social networking with Reddit pic two

When you get onto the ReddX app’s front page on the left you will see many topics, users that have Kinects can use voice to open the new Reddit app, without the camera you can just simply use the controller, or you could install Xbox SmartGlass device app so they can log in and post their comments.

For more information Xbox One social networking with Reddit please watch the video provided below.

Are you happy about the new Xbox One ReddX app that gives you direct access to Reddit?

Xbox One social networking with Reddit