Manage Google Plus Circles with new Circloscope

Manage Google Plus Circles with new Circloscope

A new improved version of Circloscope, which allows users to manage their Google Plus Circles, will be released to the general public soon. The latest news reports there are 140 beta testers trying to find any faults with the newly improved version of Circloscope, you can install it right now … [Read more...]

Hangouts update for Gmail, Google Plus, Chrome

Hangouts update for Gmail, Google Plus, Chrome

A couple of days ago the news of Google redesigning Gmail was let out, even though Google has not yet announced this. But, before this new Gmail design is put into place they has revamped Hangouts in Gmail, Google Plus and the extension for Chrome. If you visit the Gmail Google Plus page they … [Read more...]

Google Now notifications for Chrome on desktops and issues

Google Now notifications for Chrome on desktops and issues

Google's regularly shockingly correct individual partner software is coming to Windows PCs and Macs by means of the Chrome program. Google's offered Google Now for Android gadgets for quite a while installed in the working framework, and in addition inside an application for iOS clients. It will … [Read more...]

Google Chrome voice search not working for some

Google Chrome voice search not working for some

Google are releasing a few updates lately, and its latest one is the new ‘Google Voice Search Hotword (Beta)’, this means that they have brought voice search to Google Chrome. The new Google Chrome voice extension was announced at I/O Developer Conference 2013, they promised that the automatic … [Read more...]

New Google Chrome parental controls rollout

New Google Chrome parental controls rollout

Google is releasing so many new products, earlier on today we reported about the new UProxy and Project Shield and now the search giants are starting its new Google Chrome parental controls rollout. The new rollout of parental controls in Chrome web browser will be in the form of a new … [Read more...]

Minus launches iPhone app, Chrome extension and Firefox addon

Minus launches iPhone app, Chrome extension and Firefox addon

From the moment that we start to learn, our parents teach us the importance of sharing, and for most of us we find that it can be fun, as we share with our friends and family what music we like or the stories that we can tell them. Now that you are grown up you find that there is even more to share, … [Read more...]

Study Shows IE Users Are Less Smart Than Other Web Browsers


We see many a study being carried out on companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google, normally to do with sales and revenue. A new surprising study has been conducted, this time linking the web browser you use to your intelligence. The results are in, and for all of you Internet Explorer users, we … [Read more...]

ISYS Sue Google Over “Chromebook” Name Infringement


Google are facing a lawsuit from tech company ISYS over the naming of their "Chromebook" system. ISYS believes that this name infringes the name of their product, the "ChromiumPC". … [Read more...]

Google Chrome & Lady GaGa Produce A YouTube Viral Video


When it comes to viral videos we at OSM never disappoint as we strive to bring you the best and also the most amusing ones that we come across. Some of the ones we have reported on recently include the Death By Mentos video, the President Obama rap spoof and of course the soldier dancing like … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Hits Google Chrome Via Chrome Web Store


If there’s one thing that this world loves its Angry Birds, we have seen all sorts of versions of it including the most recent Angry Birds Rio which is due an update any time soon. There’s a viral video going around that shows off some of the new levels that you can expect to see but now we have … [Read more...]

Google Canary: It’s Chrome For The Mac OS X


This is an interesting one for all you Mac users out there who are looking for a safe, secure and fast browser. This is the browser that survived Pwn2Own even though it had a 20k cash prize up for grabs, it managed to see the event through without any type of compromise … [Read more...]

Google Chrome 11: New Features Include Text-To-Speech


With the latest Chrome 10 being released a short while ago, followed by its recent victory at the latest Pwn2Own event it seems Google must be doing something right with their rendition of this increasingly popular web browser. … [Read more...]

Google Chrome & Android: Survive Pwn2Own Contest Unscathed


We have been reporting on various things from the Pwn2Own contest including how the iPhone 4 was hacked by Charlie Miller using Safari to swipe the entire address book and also how in the battle of the browsers Chrome stood strong and untouched … [Read more...]

Pwn2Own: IE8 & Safari Hammer Timed - Chrome OK For Now


When it comes to hacking there’s all sorts going on out there! As you are probably aware 'Geohot' is one person that is currently suffering at the hands of Sony after uncovering the holy grail of the PS3. We have already informed you of some of the details of the Pwn2Own browser contest but let’s … [Read more...]

Google Chrome 9 Released: Download It Now


Google are constantly trying to improve all of their products ranging from phones to their popular web browser; however a different product they have is making the news today and it's the Google Chrome Browser … [Read more...]

Google Chrome Pwn2Own Browser Hacking Contest


Who wants to win $20K? If you answered I do then keep reading because this is the amazing prize fund up for grabs at this year’s Pwn2Own Browser Hacking Contest. This sum will be paid by Google to the first person that will successfully hack its Chrome Browser, Making Google the first browser vendor … [Read more...]

Browser Statistic Wars: Google Chrome Makes A Stand


The last time we informed you of the ongoing browser wars between Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and a few others, we were able to tell you that search engine giant's browser has been growing at a steady rate. The stats have continued to rise in favor of Google Chrome in terms of … [Read more...]

Another Super Bowl Advert: This Time Its Google Chrome


We at OSM are keeping a close eye out for some of the innovative Super Bowl adverts that normally come about at this time of year. We have already reported on Motorola’s advert for what looks like its XOOM tablet PC, the best-in-show device from CES 2011 … [Read more...]

Firefox Tops Internet Explorer as Top Browser in Europe

Firefox vs Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has long been the dominant player in the web browsing market, possibly due to the fact that it’s built into every Windows computer and that many users don’t know how to change it, or even know of any alternatives, but that seems set to change. … [Read more...]

Google Chrome Browser: Finishes 2010 with 10% Share


When you look at the browsers of today, Internet Explorer is still the most widely used by some way it actually accounts for over half of the browser usage. Different browsers are being used all the time and the increase that can be seen for Safari is more than likely due to the amount of Apple … [Read more...]

Google Cloud Print: How To Guide and Hands On


Google Chrome OS is all the news at the moment and we previously reported on the new laptop, the Cr-48, that will be available running on the new OS. This device will be available in limited numbers as a kind of public beta device. We also reported on the Pilot Program for Chrome OS where those who … [Read more...]

Google Chrome extension: Cortex for sharing content


If you’re an enthusiast for Google Chrome you’ll like the sound of this next piece of news which is about an extension for Google Chrome called Cortex. Designed for sharing content it does so both stylishly and speedily with an exceptional interface. … [Read more...]

Google Chrome Web Store: Selection of best apps


Since the Google live event yesterday everybody’s been talking about the Google Chrome OS along with the new Google laptop and the news that a lot of people had been waiting for, a Google Chrome Web Store. We also gave a comparison earlier today on Chrome vs Android vs Windows 7 and our latest piece … [Read more...]

Google Chrome OS Vs. Android Vs. Windows 7


Yesterday we gave you plenty of news about the Google Live event yesterday and posted about our wish list for the new Google Chrome OS, and more about the new Google Chrome OS laptop and the Chrome Web App Store. Now we want to take a look at the Chrome OS vs. Android vs. Windows 7 to see how … [Read more...]

Google Chrome OS Wish List – Top Ten

Google Chrome OS Wish List – Top Ten

We have already looked at the expectations surrounding the Google Chrome OS netbook, so we now thought that we would have a look at the operating system itself. We thought that as there are still a few hours to wait before today’s event gets going (see times and live streaming), we would look at a … [Read more...]