Add, remove lightsaber to Facebook profile picture

Add, remove lightsaber to Facebook profile picture

Awaken the Force with Kylo Ren’s Star Wars lightsaber! With a few simple clicks you can add a lightsaber to your Facebook profile picture. The official Star Wars Facebook page has over 15 million followers and it looks like they want you to celebrate and spread the Jedi fighting tool of … [Read more...]

Star Wars Day celebration and time-lapse Millennium Falcon

Star Wars Day celebration and time-lapse Millennium Falcon

Today is Star Wars Day 2015 and the special words ‘May the Fourth be with you’ can be seen on the main search page. Even social media is lighting up with memes, creative ides and even a tweet from Chancellor of the Exchequer & Conservative candidate for Tatton George Osborne will make … [Read more...]

Star Wars 7 trailer teases agonises release date

Star Wars 7 trailer teases agonises release date

The new Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens teaser trailer just agonises the release date wait, when a trailer releases we expect the movie to release not too far in the future. But, this time round the Stormtrooper filled sci-fi is not coming until December 2015. December 2015, I have just watched a … [Read more...]

UK Gets Complete Star Wars Saga In Blu-ray: Mini Review


A very special film collection from a galaxy far far away has released in the UK today, all 6 Star Wars movies in stunning Blu-ray. George Lucas made the announcement on May 4th ( May the fourth be with you) which got very mixed reactions from fans. What may delight or enrage them even more now is … [Read more...]

Panasonic Join Forces With Star Wars: Blu-ray Giveaways


Tech giant Panasonic has used the force and teamed up with one of the most most popular franchises in the world, Star Wars. The partnership will see Blu-ray versions of the original trilogy given away when consumers buy selected Panasonic products. George Lucas broke the "special" Blu-ray … [Read more...]

Star Wars Xbox 360 Bundle: R2-D2 Console To Cost £350


Gaming fans and Star Wars fans may just be in heaven looking at what is coming from a galaxy far far away. That's right an Xbox 360 kitted out to resemble everyone's favorite droid R2-D2. This special console comes in a bundle to celebrate the launch of the latest Star Wars game for Kinect, … [Read more...]

Film & TV Fiction On Twitter: 5 Of The Best


One of the best things about Twitter is that you can interact with your favorite celebrities, by following them and re-tweeting some of their posts. But what about some of your other heroes, like from movies and TV? Sure they don't exactly have their own official Twitter account but that wont stop … [Read more...]

Angry Star Wars Fans Tweet “Letdown” About May 4th Secret


The 4th of May is declared "Star Wars Day" by some, as a result of the date sounding like the classic catchphrase, "may the force be with you". Star Wars fans over the world use the day to celebrate that galaxy far far away, but this year there was extra excitement due to a surprise announcement … [Read more...]

Twitter Star Wars Fans Celebrate September Complete Saga


Social networking site Twitter is growing in popularity and since its initial creation in 2006, has attracted some 200 million active users, to find out more on this head on over to wikipedia. Over the last few months, we have reported on famous footballers taking to the site, celebrities … [Read more...]

Twitter Trends: The Week’s Top 10


We have a mixed bag this week in the Twitterverse, with plenty of new and old trends charting. There is a bit of everything in the compiled list of popular topics, which we are bringing you thanks to Mashable. … [Read more...]

Panasonic CES 2011 Live Blog – Possible Star Wars Announcement


We’re attempting to bring you a lot of the news from CES 2011 and just some of our recent posts include the keynote speech times, and news on products such as a Vizio phone, a Toshiba 10-inch Android tablet and a new iPad 2 case with mockup iPad. Now though, we have some news for you about a … [Read more...]

Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner App Available On iPhone


Although we have all seen Star Wars-themed games before on various different platforms, Vertigore Games has developed the very first augmented reality Star Wars game for the iPhone. It's been released on iTunes for $4.99, and has been designed with the iPhone 4's retina display in mind, but is also … [Read more...]

Verizon’s Droid R2-D2 Released Today


News has filtered through, that Verizon will be launching the new “Droid R2-D2” handset today. For those of you who have been waiting patiently for its arrival, can now see it in the flesh, along with a couple of storm troopers at New York’s Herald Square. … [Read more...]

Motorola Droid 2 R2-D2 Edition: 1.2GHz CPU, not 1GHz

Motorola Droid 2 R2-D2 Edition

Back in August we brought you news about the upcoming R2 D2 limited edition Motorola Droid 2 handset, which of course was fantastic news for all you “Star Wars” fans out there. Now it appears we have more information, only this time it’s about the CPU. … [Read more...]

Social Media and the Stars Wars Community


You may be forgiven for thinking that Star Wars fans may not be hugely into social media as most of us imagine all their time is spent following their passion, however it seems that social media is the tool that’s bringing Star Wars fans together to share their enthusiasm, such as distributing news … [Read more...]

Motorola Droid 2 R2D2 Edition: Expected price

R2D2 image

Regardless of what you think about the prequel trilogy, the original three Star Wars movies were awesome, and they have shaped many people’s childhoods. With the revelation of the Motorola Droid 2, the R2-D2 version was also announced. … [Read more...]