Maximize Your Organic Reach on Social Media (Infographic)

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Shifts in the algorithms of today’s social media platforms caused what is known as the “Reachpocalypse” where the ability for posts to be seen by audience members on Facebook and other social media platforms drastically plummeted without the aid of paid advertising. Whether you believe this … [Read more...]

Social Media Backlash: Firms ignoring policies

Just like that piece of coursework that students have to do, but push off for as long as possible, companies are neglecting the topic of social networking for as long as they possibly can. Many companies are ignoring social media and pretending that it doesn’t exist, when the best thing that they … [Read more...]

Ford’s Social Media Marketing Campaign: Why they succeed

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Social Media marketing is a big part of today’s business world. It’s so big that business schools have seen the neccessity to train their students in how to to successfully market via social networks. A good marketing campaign can make the difference between a product success and a product failure. … [Read more...]