Journey to becoming a LinkedIn Jedi master: Infographic

LinkedIn has quickly grown to become the world’s top most professional outlet for networking businessmen and women. According to some reports, two new users join every month, and the LinkedIn “army” has climbed to almost 3 billion worldwide users.

Available in over 200 countries and with 21 different languages, statistics project an estimated 500 million users by 2020. But with so many users, it’s extremely important to master LinkedIn’s limbo – both as a user and as a company.

How To Become A LinkedIn Jedi pic 2

If you are a company and you want to grow your content, LinkedIn is a good way to get started. But it’s important to first figure out exactly where to begin, and how.

Most importantly, LinkedIn isn’t just about the numbers – it’s mostly about quality. You want your company, or your personal image, to be presentable and professional: this requires a constant grooming of your site to weed out any grammatical mistakes, or potential mishaps that might be lying around.

It’s also important to manage your personal identity so you can discover professional opportunities, and explore professional ventures. It’s important to always “put your best foot forward,” even when you’re unsure of the next direction you or your company wants to take.

Once you start to grow a network, it’s important to let it continue to grow – to keep in touch with old friends and companions so that your brand will slowly grow alongside them. If you keep in touch, even sending in a message every now and then, you will be surprised by how far a connection can take you.

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and share your intellectual content; but know that the image you present can be seen by anyone who might want to hire you or do business with you. This infographic will give you all the most important information you will need to know to get started on LinkedIn. Even though this is an old infographic it is going to be very interesting indeed to see how this pans out for 2015.

How To Become A LinkedIn Jedi pic 1