Samsung TV Smart Hub Not Working with Connection Issues

People are taking to social media networks such as Twitter as well as down sites to let everyone know that they are having problems with their Samsung Smart TV Hub. Reports are coming in thick and fast from users saying their Samsung Smart TV Hub are not working today on 12 April 2016, where connection issues are the main worry.

Are you having Samsung Smart TV Hub problems?

Hundreds of tweets are coming in of complaints about the Smart Hub not working, one users said their Smart TV is only 11 months old and all it keeps doing is rebooting after 1 minute. Others are saying they cannot connect at all and getting a message saying they do not have Internet connection when they say they do. See what other tweeters have to say about the Samsung Smart Hub being down here on Twitter.

If you visit the likes of Is Down Right Now USA you can see issues are being reported as well, one user said they couldn’t connect to Netflix though their Smart TV, every time they try to connect to apps it says they should connect to the Internet.

But there seems to be a fix for the connection issues, over on Down Today many complaints have come in about the Smart Hub connections issues and comments have come is explaining how to sort the issues out. Many users have reported that if you disconnect from the Internet this will sort the issue, he is the comment from Down Today, “I have the same issue if you disconnect from the Internet - unplug if wired or turn router off if wireless switch off and on and go to network set up and switch to wired connection and exit switch off and on and it will work turn router back on and should be ok you can reconnect when Samsung resolves issue.”

If you having issues and fixed to problem please do comment below.

Samsung TV Smart Hub Not Working 12 April, 2016

  • Jamie

    So what is wrong then, why is there connection issues?

  • Blake Carper

    Seems like there is some conflict with Smart Hub and the wifi. If I unplug the wifi, tv works fine, but as soon as it connects to wifi the smart hub hangs and reboots the tv.