5 Significant Ways To Increase Engagement On YouTube

Engagement, in any respect, is a measure of users who choose to act on any one of the many calls-to-action that you provide in or below your YouTube video.

YouTube gets over 1 million unique visitors each month, and more than 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute. However, only a few manage to go viral.

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Do you know why? Because our attention spans are falling. We are increasingly getting distracted and the video needs to be more than engaging to keep us hooked to itself. In fact, goldfish trumps humans when it comes to attention span! We can focus on something for only 8.25 seconds!

In such times, it becomes a matter of life and death for the video to engage anyone till the end. And yet, the most talked about topic in the online video industry is “getting more views”, when instead video creators should focus on producing engaging content that drives micro-transactions like a thumbs-up, share or a comment, and promoting that video.

You might be skilled at driving millions of views, but the engagement that you are able to create is what gauges your success as a video publisher.

The following infographic will assist you to take back a few steps, review your videos as a random viewer, and judge the elements that might or might not be working for your target audience. The infographic shares tips, which if used wisely, at the right time, can fetch you great user engagement and aid in building a loyal subscriber base.


Remember, your goal is not to obtain 100% viewer retention or virality. Your fundamental goal is giving your viewers what they are looking for-a value for their time.

Once you grab the science of engaging your viewers, you will never have to worry about getting shares or ranking higher in YouTube searches.

Author Bio: Subrat Kar is the CEO and co-founder of Vidooly, a YouTube tool for content creators, Multi Channel Networks and Brands. Before Vidooly, he worked with ecommerces like Jabong and Indiamart as a Product Manager. Recognized as one of the most promising young entrepreneurs from India, he is an active participant of entrepreneurial initiatives and forums across India. Connect with him @subratkar.

5 Significant Ways To Increase Engagement On YouTube