BT Internet, Broadband Outage Today July 20

BT Internet, Broadband Outage

There is a BT Internet / Broadband outage today on July 20 and customers are coming forward to report the issues on sites such as ‘Down Today’, which allows customers to share their service status with others. The BT outage today in the UK surrounds the Internet being down for unknown … [Read more...]

BT login issues leave email not working

BT email not working April 27 main pic

is BT email down today? BT customers are having major issues when trying to access their emails at the moment, all other services such as Broadband etc seem to be working fine. When you visit the official BT Care Twitter page there are no indications of BT email problems, but yet when you visit … [Read more...]

BT Mail outage becoming a regular occurrence

BT email not working April 27 pic 2

BT Mail went down yesterday leaving its customers without email access, but they did make a public apology on its Twitter account. However, customers seem rather certain this will be an ongoing problem, and will experience many more outages in the near future. BT responded to its angry customers … [Read more...]

BT email login, Infinity problem confirmed

BT email login, Infinity problem confirmed

BT is having major issues with its email login and it has also been confirmed there is an Infinity problem as well, BT are aware of email login problems and this is leaving customers very unhappy indeed. There are both BT Internet and email problems but it is the email side of things causing more … [Read more...]

Cornwall To Trial 4G In September: The First Step For The UK?


Here in the UK, we still look far from enjoying the super fast wireless delights of 4G technology, but a start has been made! In September the first 4G LTE broadband technology will be tested in Cornwall. … [Read more...]

4 More New Towns Will Benefit From 40Mbps BT Infinity


BT has announced that it is set to expand its super quick broadand to an extra 4 towns in the UK. … [Read more...]

Free Wi-Fi From O2 Coming To All


If you enjoy Wi-Fi and things that are free then O2 have a treat for you. They have just launched their free nationwide broadband across the UK today and are in it to give BT and The Cloud a run for their money. … [Read more...]

BT 1GB Broadband Trial: Proposed Areas

BT email not working April 27

BT has announced plans for a superfast 1GB service and trials are set to begin in early 2011 at 40 locations around the U.K. This might rather take the shine off Virgin Media’s announcement of a 100MB broadband although that has a more widespread roll-out planned. … [Read more...]

UK smartphone users may get free Wi-Fi courtesy of Virgin Media


Virgin Media the provider of the fastest cable broadband network in the UK is considering setting up access points all over the country so that its customers can get free public Wi-Fi for their smartphones and devices. … [Read more...]

London gets it’s first Wi-Fi enabled tube station


BT has announced that for a 6 month trial period, it will be providing the London Charing Cross underground tube station with free Wi-Fi internet access. It will launch on November 1st for all users with devices that have wireless enabled according to Cnet. … [Read more...]