BT Internet, Broadband Outage Today July 20

BT Internet, Broadband Outage

There is a BT Internet / Broadband outage today on July 20 and customers are coming forward to report the issues on sites such as ‘Down Today’, which allows customers to share their service status with others. The BT outage today in the UK surrounds the Internet being down for unknown … [Read more...]

Obama cheaper, faster broadband video announcement plans

Obama cheaper, faster broadband video announcement plans

Some parts of USA does not compete with the likes of say Cedar Falls when it comes to faster broadband download speeds. And this is where President Obama discusses his plans at Cedar Falls about cheaper and faster Internet. Over on ‘The White House’ official Twitter account Obama said, "Today, … [Read more...]

Internet Essentials Comcast Program: Low-cost Access


A new program is to be offered by Internet and cable provider Comcast called Internet Essentials and is aimed at providing low income families with cheaper Internet access along with computers. This initiative will be a boon to many families struggling to afford Internet services and we have more … [Read more...]

Best Buy Connect 4G Mobile Broadband is Available Now

There’s some good news today for customers of Best Buy in the U.S., because with Best Buy Connect, the company’s mobile broadband service, they will now be able to sign up for 4G service. The Best Buy Connect 4G service is available through an arrangement with Clearwire. … [Read more...]

UK Broadband Speeds: Less Than Half Advertised - Explained

When it comes to broadband in the UK there’s quite a grey area of understanding as to how it works and the speeds that you have. There are so many contributing factors that you may not realize exist when you find the order that you wish to place … [Read more...]

Alcatel-Lucent Could Transform Mobile Broadband


There is a an old saying that big things come in small packages, never a truer word spoken when referring to the latest offering by global telecommunications expert Alcatel-Lucent. The latest instalment of technological mastery is being called the LightRadio, … [Read more...]

4 More New Towns Will Benefit From 40Mbps BT Infinity


BT has announced that it is set to expand its super quick broadand to an extra 4 towns in the UK. … [Read more...]

Google Fiber: Announcement of winning community delayed


It seems like a long time ago that we brought you news of the plans by Google to build a new high-speed fiber-optic Internet network, to be known as Google Fiber. This network will have connection speeds up to 100 times faster than standard U.S. networks and over 600 communities across America … [Read more...]

Could LTE Replace Home Broadband for Rural Communities?

Could LTE Replace Home Broadband for Rural Communities

Alcatel Lucent has been running LTE trials in rural parts of Wales and it is hoped that this 4G Long Term Evolution will provide a solution to those areas that are unable to get broadband. However, LTE could even replace broadband that currently offers just 2Mbps. … [Read more...]

UK Government Plans Faster Broadband By 2015


Have you sat there like me at times twiddling your thumbs in the hope that eventually your broadband will kick in and your computer will start to load up? How frustrating is it when you need to find that all important information and can't as you are restricted by a slow broadband speed. … [Read more...]

BT 1GB Broadband Trial: Proposed Areas

BT email not working April 27

BT has announced plans for a superfast 1GB service and trials are set to begin in early 2011 at 40 locations around the U.K. This might rather take the shine off Virgin Media’s announcement of a 100MB broadband although that has a more widespread roll-out planned. … [Read more...]