BBC iPlayer Radio Down with Internal Server Error 500

BBC iPlayer Radio Down

When trying to access BBC iPlayer Radio you will be prompted with an onscreen message saying, “Error 500 - Internal Server Error,’ which basically means the website page is down. On the website they do explain that this error and what you can possible do, such as the error could be temporary … [Read more...]

Commonwealth Games 2014 opening ceremony live on BBC

Commonwealth Games 2014 opening ceremony live on BBC

So soon after the World Cup we have another major sporting event taking up 11 days of competition, and today July 23 is when the Commonwealth Games 2014 opening ceremony live on kicks off. Commonwealth Games 2014 opening ceremony on BBC iPlayer will start at 8PM with Gary Lineker, Clare … [Read more...]

New BBC iPlayer Live For TV & PS3: Wants Xbox 360 Expansion


On demand catch up video service BBC iPlayer has undergone another overhaul and is now a much smarter version than the previous. The upgraded service will feature on Sony's PS3 console as well as smart TVs and set top boxes. The BBC has however confirmed that they are interested in expanding their … [Read more...]

Panasonic TVs Get BBC iPlayer Through Viera Connect


For all you BBC iPlayer lovers out there who have a Panasonic TV, rejoice! The on demand service will be available through Viera Connect, so if your TV has it then you are in luck. … [Read more...]

BBC iPlayer Goes International: Affordable Subscription Fee


One if the best apps downloaded in the last few months on the iPad was BBC iPlayer, this smart video streaming utility allows users to catch up and view a whole host of their favourite BBC shows. … [Read more...]

BBC iPlayer Now Sends You To Rivals To Watch Shows


On demand catch up service BBC iPlayer has had a new feature added to it which involves it linking to other rival TV channels. The BBC's service will now list programs from other stations and take you to them. … [Read more...]

BBC iPlayer App Is Now Live On Android Market & For iPad


With the move towards mobile technology for 2011, many companies are frantically readying their app products. One that has got theirs out pretty promptly is the BBC with their iPlayer App. We previously reported that it would be coming and its now here … [Read more...]

iPad App: UK BBC iPlayer Coming Soon


The Apple iPad was the biggest selling tablet PC of 2010 which has prompted a push from all of the other manufacturers to make their own tablet PCs. Until Apple started to dip their toes in this market, it was dead. With Apple’s help it has become one of the biggest for 2011 … [Read more...]

BBC iPlayer Received Record Number Of Requests From December 2010


Last Christmas, the BBC's catch up service had a record number of requests for TV and radio shows. The busy festive period which is famous for its entertaining TV schedule, saw 145 million users hop onto the iPlayer to watch the programs they missed. … [Read more...]

Boxee Box Enjoy New Firmware Update


Media streamer Boxee Box has received excellent reviews since it's release, but has had it's fair share of minor glitches. Luckily the team at Boxee are on top of their game and announced a major firmware update to address these issues. … [Read more...]