BBC iPlayer Radio Down with Internal Server Error 500

BBC iPlayer Radio Down

When trying to access BBC iPlayer Radio you will be prompted with an onscreen message saying, “Error 500 - Internal Server Error,’ which basically means the website page is down. On the website they do explain that this error and what you can possible do, such as the error could be temporary … [Read more...]

Eurosport beats BBC for Olympic Games TV rights

Eurosport beats BBC for Olympic Games TV rights

The Winter Olympics 2022 host city will be announced at the end of July 2015, and even though we await this news it seems the BBC has lost out to Eurosport for the Olympic Games TV rights in the UK from 2022. It has been announced that the European TV rights for the Olympic Games has been given … [Read more...]

Wimbledon live streaming online and up-to-date tweets

Wimbledon 2015 live streaming online and up-to-date tweets

The well-renowned tennis championship is all underway, which started at 8am (UK Time) on June 29 and finishes on July 12. Below you will see how you can watch the Wimbledon 2015 live streaming online, as well as catching up and staying on top of the latest news via up-to-date tweets. Every day … [Read more...]

The London Riots: Fuelled By Social Media Or Not?


Many people around the world are glued to the Internet and their TV sets tracking all of the happenings in London and around England as the riots continue. We have just seen some reports on a UK News channel that the London riots are being fuelled by social media but are they really? … [Read more...]

Free BBC Android App Released To Map UK 3G Coverage


The BBC are launching a project so that they can map out the UK's 3G reception. These will be recorded via an Android app they have just put on the Market for free. Unfortunately for technical reasons the study will only be undertaken with Android devices, so anyone on iOS hoping to help the … [Read more...]

BBC To Stop Plot Leaks By Banning Twitter


The same old problems keep on surfacing again, and that is leaks via Twitter. When the word "leak" is actually used it makes you think of a sinister organisation doing all they can uncover plots and ruin types of surprises and mysteries for people. In this case it is actors and people in the TV … [Read more...]

BBC To Trial Their 3D Coverage At Wimbledon 2011


Out of all of the main broadcasters, the BBC has been the least enthusiastic about the prospect of bringing 3D to our screen's. They have been taking the sit back and watch approach, looking at how successful it has been for the likes of Sky and Virgin. The BBC has now decided to start testing its … [Read more...]

BBC iPlayer Goes International: Affordable Subscription Fee


One if the best apps downloaded in the last few months on the iPad was BBC iPlayer, this smart video streaming utility allows users to catch up and view a whole host of their favourite BBC shows. … [Read more...]

Social Media Week 2011: BBC Sport In Attendance


Social Media Week 2011 happened in several locations this year; it debuted back in 2009 starting out in NYC with only a few thousand people partaking in the events with thousands more online. This year there were even more locations … [Read more...]

iPad App: UK BBC iPlayer Coming Soon


The Apple iPad was the biggest selling tablet PC of 2010 which has prompted a push from all of the other manufacturers to make their own tablet PCs. Until Apple started to dip their toes in this market, it was dead. With Apple’s help it has become one of the biggest for 2011 … [Read more...]

EX Google CEO Says What He Really Thinks Of Facebook


The ex Google CEO to be, Eric Schmidt has spoken out about the company in an interview with the BBC and given his opinions on Facebook and the issues that have arisen over the past year. … [Read more...]

Freesat Viewers Get Boosted Red Button From BBC


The BBC has today announced that Freesat viewers will get an upgraded version of their red button interactive service. … [Read more...]

Eastenders Baby Swap Cut Short: Twitter Complaints Keep Coming


Here at OSM we reported just over a week ago about British soap opera “EastEnders" and a recent storyline that has proved itself to be more than controversial. In fact as well as comments on here and other sites, the BBC have received over 6,000 complaints about the storyline being taken too far. … [Read more...]

BBC iPlayer for iPad with subscription TV app


There is news today that the popular BBC iPlayer, only previously available in the U.K. is to be launched overseas beginning in the U.S. The plans are for it to be provided as a commercial subscription TV app for the iPad. … [Read more...]

BBC iPlayer Application Now Avaliable For BlackBerry

BBC iPlayer Blackberry

If you are a UK resident, chances are you have used the BBC iPlayer. One of its greatest benefits is that you don’t need to own a TV License to use it, so it’s hugely popular with students like me. One of my favourite things to do each week is to watch The Apprentice on my iPod Touch, and now those … [Read more...]

Brazilian Grand Prix: Keep informed with BBC Twitter feed


We all know just how popular Twitter is and you can keep in touch with just about anything these days by looking at a Twitter feed for such things as political election news. This morning we even posted a story about runners in this weekend’s New York Marathon who intend to live-tweet as they run … [Read more...]

New BBC iPlayer: Integration with Facebook and Twitter


A social media trend has been added to the BBC's new iPlayer, which is due for launch any time now. The application which allows you to catch up on your favorite T.V and radio shows after they have been aired is now going to include a feature where you can personalize your iPlayer by making a user … [Read more...]

BBC News Website: Social network sharing support

BBC News Website- Social network sharing support

The next time you visit the BBC News website you will notice a few changes – the biggest being how it will now offer social network sharing support. This new look will now make top stories stand out more than before; there is also a widget on the side dedicated for audio and video. … [Read more...]

General Election 2010: Final leaders’ debate


The General Election 2010 draws nearer and tomorrow evening (Thursday) sees the final live televised leaders’ debate, this time broadcast on the BBC between 8:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. It will be hosted by David Dimbleby and held this time around in the Midlands. … [Read more...]

Dr Who generates 4 interactive gaming episodes on BBC


There’s great news out there today for Dr Who fans, with the announcement from the BBC that the great man will be going interactive. Videogame creator, Charles Cecil, is joining up with the show’s writers to generate 4 new interactive episodes of the programme. … [Read more...]

General Election 2010: BBC wants you to ‘Join In’


The General Election 2010 was officially confirmed today for May 6th by Gordon Brown. This date had been well-known for some time although not official, so the pundits were not disappointed in today’s announcement. For those of you interested in technology and social media you will be well aware … [Read more...]

BBC Radio 6: Facebook campaign launched


As you are probably aware the power of social media is really starting to show, therefore it is not a huge surprise to her that a Facebook campaign has been set up aiming to help save BBC Radio 6. … [Read more...]