Wimbledon live streaming online and up-to-date tweets

Wimbledon 2015 live streaming online and up-to-date tweets

The well-renowned tennis championship is all underway, which started at 8am (UK Time) on June 29 and finishes on July 12. Below you will see how you can watch the Wimbledon 2015 live streaming online, as well as catching up and staying on top of the latest news via up-to-date tweets. Every day … [Read more...]

Apple Watch price and social media ban

Apple Watch takes Store down April 10 pic 3

Social media is obviously one major factor of leaks when it comes to new products, especially Apple’s products. Taking this into account it was decided Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc were all cut off from the Internet at Apple’s top-secret lab where they work on things such as its software. Lips … [Read more...]

Apple Event live video stream March 9, 2015

Apple Event live video stream March 9, 2015 pic 3

Today is the day Tim Cook will take to the stage with his team to unveil the new Apple Watch amongst other things. But the main attraction will be the watch. The good news is there will be the live stream video starting from 10AM (5PM UK). March 9. 2015 is the day of the big Apple keynote when … [Read more...]

NBA Global Games London 2015 Facebook live stream

NBA Global Games London 2015 Facebook live stream

BT is all set to live stream the NBA Global Games London event 2015 pre-match build-ups on Facebook this week. On January 15, between 7.15pm and 8pm 'The BT Sport Facebook Lounge' Facebook will be showing NBA Global Games London 2015 A-list celebrity live appearances. There will also be a feature … [Read more...]

Ohio State Buckeyes Vs Oregon Ducks live online streaming: Update

Ohio State Buckeyes Vs Oregon Ducks

UPDATE: Ohio State Buckeyes (14-1) beat Oregon Ducks (13-2) 42 – 20 in the final. The College Football Playoff Championship between the No.2 Oregon Ducks and the No. 4 Ohio State Buckeyes kicks off tonight at 8:30 pm ET (5:30 p.m. Pacific time), where the Ducks are playing their first … [Read more...]

Sony CES 2015 live stream of press conference

Sony CES 2015 live stream of press conference

Sony will be holding its CES 2015 press conference live stream tonight starting from 17:00 (PST). It is that time of year again when CES kicks off, the CES 2015 dates start from January 6th to the 9th at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Sony will be located in the Central Hall, and as a … [Read more...]

Sports Stream and Facebook combine for live events

Sports Stream and Facebook combine for live events

SportStream is one of the latest media firms to get access to the new public feed API (Application-Programming Interface). The Facebook API will offer real-time sports trends via the new product; SportsStream will be able to get access to the Facebook API to gather keyword … [Read more...]

Coachella 2013 YouTube live stream performances & set times

Coachella 2013 YouTube live stream performances

Coachella 2013 is all ready to make its mark this year and the music is going to be sensational, we have the set times and even better news for those that will not be able to make it. There will be 127 live acts this year at Coachella 2013 and for those that cannot make it will be able to watch … [Read more...]

World Series live streaming on Android


Are you a massive fan of Major League Baseball (MLB), in which case you will be interested in what we’ll about to tell you? It doesn’t matter what team you’re following and whereabouts you are when the games are showing, a new Android app will make it possible to follow everything. … [Read more...]

New York Fashion Week with Live Streaming: Twitter,Tumblr & More


We’re only one day away from the beginning of New York Fashion Week and once again the benefits of social media and online resources have been recognized. Yesterday we told how the Rugby World Cup 2011 has a huge social media presence this year and although these are very different subjects, the … [Read more...]

DirecTV Teams Up With Sony: NFL Sunday Ticket Pack On PS3


Up until now, only DirecTV customers could get the exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket subscription package. Things are set for a very convenient and interesting change as DirecTV has struck a deal with Sony to bring this coveted satellite package to the PS3. From now on, owners of Sony's games console … [Read more...]

Royal Wedding YouTube Viewers Would Form 19th Biggest Country


Since the Royal Wedding last week of Prince William and Kate Middleton, now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, we’ve brought you many social media statistics about the big event. Today we have heard of some Royal Wedding YouTube statistics that help put the huge amount of viewers into … [Read more...]

Contact Made With NASA’s Endeavour Via YouTube Streaming


They say all good things come to an end and this can be said for NASA's Endeavour space shuttle, which is due to rocket up into the sky on Friday 29th April for the very last time. With some 24 missions behind it and the latest voyage lasting some 2 weeks, the Endeavour will launch at Cape … [Read more...]

Mortal Kombat Legacy: Episode 2 Now Live On YouTube


Calling all Mortal Kombat fans! For all of you who heard about the new web series called Mortal Kombat Legacy that have eagerly been waiting to watch it, well, last week the wait was over as the first episode was released. At OSM we have been keeping up with the action as much as possible, first … [Read more...]

Royal Wedding Time Captured On YouTube: Live Streaming


What a big event the Royal Wedding will be in just over a week's time, the biggest in fact since Princess Diana and Prince Charles back in 1981 when as wikipedia stated, it pulled in a staggering 750 million people. How things have changed from then until now. … [Read more...]

The Royal Wedding: Facebook Reaction


When it comes to huge events throughout the world Facebook without a doubt has something to do with it. Take the story of Casey Heynes, the kid who was bullied until he snapped. Casey then pulled out a powerbomb that Kevin Nash would have been proud of! Following the YouTube video that swept across … [Read more...]

YouTube Introduces Live Streaming


YouTube is the number 1 site for video sharing with anything and everything available for your viewing pleasure. It was coming and now YouTube finally has live streaming so that users can put on live shows for any viewers around the globe who are interested. … [Read more...]

Facebook UFC Fans Benefit From 5 Fight Live Streaming


For many fans of social networking site Facebook, it is purely used to stay in touch with friends and loved ones, join groups of interest or be informed by invitation of forthcoming events. The site allows you to update your current status, upload photos, gaming and so on. But lately we seem to be … [Read more...]

Major League Baseball - Testing the Power of Social Media


The ever expanding world of social media simply cannot be ignored, more and more sports and brands are moving towards it in a bid to not only encourage their own user base but to also promote themselves … [Read more...]

UFC 127: Free Live Stream - Facebook Shows Undercard


When it comes to utilizing the popularity of a sport as well as the largest social network in the world, in our opinion, nobody does it better than the UFC. The last few UFC pay-per-view events have had their undercard fights streamed live and free on Facebook … [Read more...]

YouTube In Talks With NBA & NHL- Live Game Streaming


YouTube is a place of endless possibilities and entertainment. You can watch pretty much anything you desire and now it could get a whole lot bigger. Sports fans may soon be using YouTube as the place where they watch their Basketball, Hockey and other sports events! … [Read more...]

Get On The Oscars Guestlist With Apple’s iPad Backstage Pass


The 83rd Annual Academy Awards known as the Oscars are due to kick off in just over a weeks time. Its a chance to embrace not only actors and actresses in the film industry, but to recognise the hard work from directors and writers. The ceremony which is now classed as one of the oldest in the … [Read more...]

MWC 2011 Mobile World Live Keynotes Streaming & Times


It’s time for MWC 2011 in Barcelona and this event has as excited as kids on sugar. We’ve already brought you a ton of news leading up to MWC and also told you about an MWC app, a preview and roundup of what we might expect, and given you a schedule of what’s happening on Day One tomorrow. … [Read more...]

How To Use Social Media - UFC Master Class


If you are looking for some tips on how to get the most out of social media, then look no further than the absolute master class given by the UFC this weekend. The guys in the marketing team are some of the best we have seen, they gained 66,210 ‘Likes’ in a single weekend on Facebook. Amazing or … [Read more...]

COD Black Ops UK Launch Event: Activision Live Streaming


The time is nearly upon us, the game launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the long awaited game from Activision available for consoles such as PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and so on. Tonight, the launch event will be live streamed from 6.30 pm from Battersea Power Station, London, and for those of you who do … [Read more...]