PSN Status Down, Not Undergoing Maintenance Today July 13

PSN Status Down pic 2

Gamers PSN status is down today on July 13 and it is not undergoing maintenance, as this is not scheduled until 19/07/2016, 05:30, which will last 1 hour. Many gamers have taken to social media channels and down websites such as Twitter and Is Down Right Now USA to report that they have no … [Read more...]

Sony PSN YoYos Today Due To Maintenance: Back Up Tomorrow


When it comes to the Sony PSN it has been in shambles for the last 5-6 weeks and at the moment it’s going up and down in many locations. Sony has promised that the PlayStation Store and a few other features will be up by the end of the week so we are all wishing the week away to grab our free … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Back Up Online: Japan Cautiously Wait


When it comes to the Sony PSN there has been a lot of news about the outage that they have been experiencing for the last few weeks. Many PlayStation 3 gamers have been left frustrated from not being able to play their favorite games online but now the service is back up, all be it slightly … [Read more...]

PSN Outage New Update: Sony Say It Will Be Online Still No ETA


So far we have seen a few different reactions to the fact that Sony’s PSN has been down since the evening of Wednesday April 20th the general comments that we have seen are mainly frustration at not being able to play your favorite games over the Easter weekend which is understandable but there’s a … [Read more...]