Social media apps for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Sport delivery in June shocks pic 1

The new Apple Watch can be pre-ordered from April 10, 2015 with a release date of April 24, but the question is – what sort of social media apps will the Apple Watch have? Well, you can visit the official Apple Watch App store where they are listing many applications, but it is WatchAware that … [Read more...]

Facebook, Twitter’s big role for 2015 Super Bowl

Facebook, Twitter’s big role for 2015 Super Bowl pic 3

Millions of NFL fans went online this week to keep up with the latest developments in Deflate-Gate. Now new data reveals that nearly two out of three (63 percent) smartphone and tablet users who plan on watching the Super Bowl say online and mobile activities will be critical to their experience … [Read more...]

Google Plus Android reaches Facebook’s 1-5 billion install mark

Google Plus Android reaches Facebook’s 1-5 billion install mark pic 2

Whilst Google Drive and Play Games have both reached the 500 million Android install barrier, Google Plus has at last entered the 1 billion install mark. This is a great deal for those using the Google Plus social media network, it proves G Plus is NOT a ghost community. If you look at both … [Read more...]

Bebo social network desertion promotes comeback

Bebo social network desertion promotes comeback

The Bebo social network login is no more, but it seems the social network desertion promotes its comeback. Bebo was one of the fastest growing social networks in the UK, until the likes of Facebook and Twitter came along. In 2005 when it launched Bebo rose to around 10 million unique users, but … [Read more...]

Facebook Moments app for sharing media differently

Facebook Moments app for sharing media differently pic 1

A new Facebook app apparently called ‘Moments’ is being worked on, and when released will help users share media differently offering privacy when sharing information. The new Facebook Moments app will allow users to share their statuses and media with only a select group of people they choose, … [Read more...]

Social networking apps – Alternatives to Facebook and Twitter

Social networking apps – Alternatives to Facebook and Twitter

There are currently around 1.11 billion Facebook users and 500 million Twitter users, so it comes as no surprise that a number of alternative social networking apps are also becoming very popular, as users look for the most efficient ways to get their social updates on the go. With the latest … [Read more...]

Facebook’s mobile users take to message apps

Facebooks mobile users take to message apps

Facebook’s growth is immense but this could all change if users head towards message apps such as WeChat, Line, WhatsApp and Kik. Facebook is very popular indeed with the youth but it seems the social networking site is being overshadowed by the likes of instant messaging apps, and this is starting … [Read more...]

Google+ & Picasa Web photo sync causes problems: Update

Google+ & Picasa Web photo sync causes problems

We have been hearing so much of late to do with Google+ & Picasa Web photo sync, and how many problems are occurring. It seems the photo sync between G+ and the web-based Picasa still looms and our readers as well as friends are still complaining – and rightfully so. We could list so many names … [Read more...]

Best Office apps for Android tablet and phones


This year has undoubtedly been the year of the smartphone and tablet. On deciding what device is for you, then you will quickly realise that with most of them, a multitude of apps presents themselves to you. Today we wanted to look at what’s available on the Android tablets and phones distinctly … [Read more...]

BlackBerry’s no-service results in $100 free apps


Research in Motion’s BlackBerry service has recently had to contend with four days of downtime, therefore leaving customers angry and disappointed that the use of BBM and the receiving of emails couldn't be used. The company was criticized for the way in which they handled the entire outage and the … [Read more...]

Visualize with infographic resume creator and building tools


Looking to change jobs but want to outwit your rival competition, then the answer first off is a resume or curriculum vitae if you prefer, that looks good and contains all the information that a potential employer is looking for. … [Read more...]

New LinkedIn iPhone & Android App: Your Thoughts?


These days as we all have smartphones there’s a real need for apps and that’s one of the main reasons behind the success of Apple in the early days and now Android. If Google Android didn’t have the app store behind it then we don’t think that all of the manufacturers would have been on board in the … [Read more...]

Sky Sports News App for Android: In time for Premier League Season


It has seemed like a long wait for many but at last the English Premier League season is beginning and football fans all over are gearing up for the highs and lows ahead. Today we have heard news that will no doubt please many of you as the Sky Sports News app is finally available on the Android … [Read more...]

Facebook Launch New App To Aid Low End Mobiles


If you love Facebook but do not have a smartphone, then fear no longer. The social networking giant just launched an app to support low end mobiles. In this day and age, many of us now have smartphones since they burst on to the scene. But lets not forget that they are a luxury and those who … [Read more...]

Android Market Gets A Fresh New Look On Froyo & Above


We recently brought you the news on how Apple's App Store had reached a whopping 15 billion downloads and also how iOS owners were now buying 61% more apps than last year. We are now switching our attention to Android and their Market, because Google has given it a new look and layout for some … [Read more...]

Samsung Apps Summer Splash Sale Provides Discounted Apps For Samsung Users

Samsung Application Store

Smartphones are all the rage nowadays, and a key reason for this is the humble mobile application. More commonly known as apps, they can be found on most modern mobile phones allowing you to play games, surf the internet or even post to your Facebook or Twitter feed. The extremely low cost of video … [Read more...]

Optimized iPad Facebook App: Arriving Next Week?


Since Apple launched the app store, Facebook has been one of the most downloaded apps it has seen. The app on the iPhone is impressively made with pretty much all the features and functionality of the actual website, we are now hearing that finally the optimized iPad Facebook app will perhaps be … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Slingshots Over To Windows Phone 7 For $2.99


The big wait is finally over for Windows Phone 7 owners who wanted to get their hands on Angry Birds. Rovio's record breaking app has constantly been delayed on Microsoft's OS, leaving many a user frustrated. The game is ready to download now, but the payment system is different from that of … [Read more...]

HTC Watch App Puts Your Evo’s 3D Movies On Your 3DTV


We brought you the exciting news earlier today that the HTC Evo 3D is now here, and with it comes a real treat. If you plan on buying the Evo and already own a 3D TV then "HTC Watch" will have you licking your lips. … [Read more...]

CoPilot Live Sat Nav: App Now With Social Media Integration


The mobile satellite navigation firm ALK has announced some drastic updates to their range of CoPilot Live apps. The smartphone sat nav will now include new features including integration with your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter with the launch of their premium service. … [Read more...]

Disney Comics App for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch: Hours of Fun


We often bring you news on mobile apps and today we have details of one that will please many parents out there. The Disney Comics App is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and should keep the kids happy and entertained for hours. … [Read more...]

Android Users Can Now Download ITV Player For Free


Android users will be pleased to hear that ITV's on demand video service is now available for a free download. … [Read more...]

Father’s Day 2011 Apps Gifts: iOS & Android Ideas


Father’s Day 2011 is fast approaching and this weekend kids and adults alike will be showing appreciation for their Dad. Today if you’re still not sure how to show you care or are looking for gift suggestions then we have some ideas of Father’s Day apps for smartphones that might do the trick. Most … [Read more...]

Mobile App World Numbers Infographic: Present and Future


Here at OSM you’ll probably have spotted that we do enjoy a good infographic, with recent examples being one about social media buzz at E3 for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo and another about social networking and fast food consumption. Today we have a fascinating infographic for you about the state … [Read more...]

Encyption For Foursquare & Netflix Apps, Data Highlighted


The issue of security and how data has or could be exposed has been highlighted over the last few weeks. Take Sony's PlayStation Secure Network, Microsoft or even Nintendo who have had their service hacked into recently, and just today news from BGR has come through that Citigroup's data has been … [Read more...]