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iPad Owners: 33% Use Their Tablet In The Bathroom

Figures from a recent study show that here in the UK, we are mad about our iPads. We are willing to take them just about anywhere, with 1 in 3 of us even risking it in the bathroom. … [Read more...]

Could Facebook Overuse Cause You To Be Miserable?

Facebook is the biggest of all the social networks, it boats more than 500 million users with more than half of them returning daily to perform general tasks. It is also becoming a big resource for brands and sports. It’s so big that it may even be buying Twitter … [Read more...]

Facebook Contributing To User WithDrawal Symptoms

For some time now, we have heard various reports about how excessive computer use can affect us, be it physically or mentally. It has been suggested in the past that long periods of gaming and use of the internet can both contribute to unhealthy distraction. To gain any understanding of this, a … [Read more...]

Apple to prevent kids sending rude text messages to each other


Young iPhone users who are regularly sending profanity and smut around to each other will we disappointed to hear that Apple are planning to use a patent that censors rude words and slang in a text message. Word on the street is that young users are regularly sending each other outrageously fruity … [Read more...]

Teenagers mad on texting - Study shows huge growth


If you live in a home with teenagers you may not be surprised at the following statistics, but to those of us who don’t yet know the delights of living with a teenager the numbers I’m about to discuss may well shock you. On second thoughts though, some of us may have noticed that many teenagers … [Read more...]

Facebook Users: Lowers Exam Results?

Some psychology reports have stated that online social networking site “Facebook” may have contributed to students receiving lower exam results? It appears that on average, students who worked and have a Facebook account scored 20% lower than those who did not have the site. … [Read more...]

Analyzing Twitter User’s Tweets - Sleep Patterns

Analyzing Twitter User's Tweets - Sleep Patterns

We recently learned that Facebook and Twitter users were more likely to choose updating their social media accounts than going to bed with their partners. However, they have to go to bed at some point, and has been looking closely at Twitter users to understand their sleep patterns. … [Read more...]