Inspiring readers with editorial Pins

Hearst Magazines Digital Media (HMDM) leads digital strategy for 18 digital properties, including Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar, with a combined 100M monthly unique visitors across all websites. They use Pinterest to learn what inspires their readers and boost traffic to their sites—as much as 715% year over year!

“Pins have become votes on our content,” said Brian Madden, vice president of audience for Hearst Magazines Digital Media. “They help us understand when we are providing content that captivates and inspires our audience and help us refine and enhance our editorial strategy.”

Inspiring readers with editorial Pins pic 1

Learn how Hearst breathes life into old content, turns readers into distributors and creates Pins that help people live their lives better. They also learned when certain types of content filed the most. Of course Halloween-oriented content is highly popular in August for the build up, and holiday-oriented content is popular after the holidays.

For more information on the Pinterest success story featuring the Hearst case study, please visit this page here. You will also learn that Pinterest visitors consume more page views than the average visitor.

Inspiring readers with editorial Pins