LinkedIn University Rankings helps career movement

LinkedIn University Rankings helps career movement

LinkedIn has created a brand new tool called ‘LinkedIn University Rankings - Based on career outcomes’ and this is all based on the careers of over 300 million professionals. The new tool allows users to see the top-ranked universities for each field in Canada, United States and United Kingdom. … [Read more...]

Visualize with infographic resume creator and building tools


Looking to change jobs but want to outwit your rival competition, then the answer first off is a resume or curriculum vitae if you prefer, that looks good and contains all the information that a potential employer is looking for. … [Read more...]

Apply With LinkedIn Button Launched: Making Job Hunting Easier


One of our favorite social media topics here on OSM is LinkedIn, the social networking site aimed at professionals. Back in June we told you of a new feature that was coming to LinkedIn, a job application button and today we can tell you the ‘Apply With LinkedIn’ button has now been launched. … [Read more...]

The Modern Digital Resume and Incorporating Social Media


Creating a resume or C.V. in your quest for a new job or career used to be a fairly straightforward affair with a page or two of written details maybe attached to a covering letter. However times have changed and these days the traditional type of resume may not be quite what a prospective employer … [Read more...]

Online Career Communities: Changing the World of Work


The use of technology and also social media is impacting upon every aspect of daily life now and one area that’s seeing big changes is the world of work. Not only do new innovations affect the way that companies work but also the way in which we, as individuals, manage our careers. … [Read more...]

So you want to work in Social Media: Great employers to work for


Here at OSM we occasionally bring you some advice on careers and job seeking. Recent posts have included using Twitter to search for a job, and earlier today an article on using the business-orientated social networking site, LinkedIn, and avoiding buzzwords that employers feel are over-used on … [Read more...]

Using Social Media for That Dream Job: Explained


With the explosion of the use of social media on the Internet there’s a lot to be said for using any resource available to find out exactly what you want to do when you grow up. Many people, especially younger people trying to decide a future career, or just about to enter the world of work, wonder … [Read more...]