Social media apps for the Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch can be pre-ordered from April 10, 2015 with a release date of April 24, but the question is – what sort of social media apps will the Apple Watch have?

Well, you can visit the official Apple Watch App store where they are listing many applications, but it is WatchAware that are also listing new apps for the Watch.

Social media apps for the Apple Watch pic 2

There will be many apps on offer such as fitness apps, news ones from ESPN, MLB and Weather Channel and so many more for business use etc. But it is the social media apps for the Apple Watch we are interested in, and here are a few below.

First up is Primary for Instagram; this is a great app if you wish to look at your feed quickly from your Apple Watch. Many features include turning captions off so you get the best view, like photos or even hide ones you do not want to see.

Next up is Yo, this will be an official app upon release, and this one is all about Yo-ing your friends. The ability to Yo your friends with a photo, location or simply a Yo. You can get photos and links from your best things such as USA Today, BuzzFeed, NBA, and Sky News etc.

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Then you have Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest app for the new Apple Watch, the watch will notify you when you pass pins that are nearby. Other features include walking directions from your Apple Watch.

A few names next include Infinitweet, which will convert tweets to images. This means no need for 140 characters; it is all about the voice input. Another app is Pinner for Pinboard, this one is self-explanatory.

Will you be buying the new Apple Watch?

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