Disney Store Toy Tuesday 2015 sale imminent

Disney Store Toy Tuesday 2015 sale imminent pic 1

Get ready for the best shopping event that starts in just a few hours, the Disney Store Toy Tuesday 2015 sale imminent and begins at 12:01am on Nov 17th and ends the midnight November 18th. Thanks to eventnext.co.uk The Disney Store Toy Tuesday sale event will allow shoppers a huge 24% off all … [Read more...]

Inside out trailer 2 gains 1.8m YouTube views

Inside out trailer 2 garners 1.8m YouTube views

The new upcoming movie ‘Inside out’ by Disney Pixar is set to release on June 19, 2015, and to tease you a little the new Inside out trailer 2 is now available to watch. The Inside out trailer 2 has already gained 1,823,516 views so far and climbing, it has also had 12,873 thumbs up and only 413 … [Read more...]

Maker Studios YouTube network vs Disney $500m takeover

Maker Studios YouTube network vs Disney $500m takeover

Disney is reportedly to be in talks with the Maker Studios YouTube network to complete a takeover bid worth around $500 million or more. Recode reports Disney pondering on the thought of purchasing Maker Studios for around the $500 million mark, obviously no official information has come via the … [Read more...]

Maleficent 2014 movie trailer shows evil Angelina Jolie

Maleficent 2014 movie trailer shows evil Angelina Jolie pic 1

The new official Maleficent 2014 movie trailer showing the evil Angelina Jolie can now be watched right here. Maleficent is the new dark fantasy movie is set to release in May 2014 by Walt Disney Pictures, this is a remake of the popular 1959 animated adaptation of Sleeping Beauty. This is the … [Read more...]

Disney Comics App for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch: Hours of Fun


We often bring you news on mobile apps and today we have details of one that will please many parents out there. The Disney Comics App is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and should keep the kids happy and entertained for hours. … [Read more...]

Disney Hit Social Networks With Rocket Pack


As the use of social networks is hitting an all time high it would make good sense for companies to capitalize on this, hoping to dip their fingers in this very big pie cartoon giants Disney have just acquired gaming developers Rocket Pack. … [Read more...]

Disney and Social Networking: Togetherville for Kids


We’re obviously big fans of social networking here at OSM but have also published some articles about negative aspects of it, especially for kids, and pondered what age they should be before they join the social networking sphere. First Lady, Michelle Obama, recently spoke about how she wouldn’t … [Read more...]

Netflix & CBS Agree 2 Year Deal


On demand video streaming service Netflix, has hooked up with broadcaster CBS on a 2 year non exclusive deal. This move will see CBS content made available to Netflix's current catalogue, a feat which big rival Hulu does not have. … [Read more...]

Toy Story 3 & Its Rise To Box Office Stardom: Social Media Plays Its Part


Pixar renowned in the movie industry for films such as Monsters. Inc, A Bug's Life, The Incredibles, Cars and of course Toy Story, have all acquired huge success and quite rightly so. Adults and children alike have packed out cinemas to watch the big hit movies, and particularly for Toy Story 3, … [Read more...]

Android Disney Phone: Release only in Japan


If you love Disney and you love Android then we have the very product for you… a Disney Android phone, but it’s only available in Japan. If by any chance you already know of the Sharp Galapagos 003SH it will be very familiar to you as it’s a rebadging. … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Cartoon Profile Pictures: The Trend Continues


A new trend has emerged on Facebook recently and it is for a good cause as well as being light hearted and fun. The idea is to change your profile picture to an image of your favourite cartoon character. … [Read more...]

Facebook “Likes” Disney Celebrating 100 Million


If you are like me and love anything Disney, be it the iconic films, the music, taking my children to Disneyland, then fantastic news has come through that on Saturday, a milestone for Facebook Likes was reached totalling a whooping 100 million. Great news for the company who will be celebrating … [Read more...]

Disney & Gowalla Collaborate To Launch Geo-Location Campaign


Location-based social networking site Gowalla gives it's users the chance to check-in using a mobile device and at times gain items. Today it has been announced that Disney will be joining forces with Gowalla, in a bid to set up a location-based campaign, to give potential people the chance to look … [Read more...]

Stream movies from 50p with Film4OD


Film fans will be delighted to hear that Film4OD has started to stream a wide range of on demand movies which can be hired for as cheap as 50p a go! The new service will let you rent films for a 48 hour period which requires a one off payment ranging from 50p-£3.99. … [Read more...]

Tron: Legacy Trailer Music Video Features Daft Punk


For fans waiting for the next big Disney movie TRON: Legacy, there is not much longer to wait. With the scheduled release of December 17 in America and across Canada, it will only be a matter of weeks to see this epic adventure. But now with news that has come in today, you will be able to … [Read more...]

Disney Buys Playdom: Secures social media gaming future


In the world of social media gaming, Disney has now joined in with this new craze and brought Playdom. Playdom costing Disney a hugh $532.6 million plus an additional $200 million earn-out, is set to be stiff competition for other social gaming giants such as Zynga. … [Read more...]