Facebook vs Twitter with mobile messaging

Facebook vs Twitter with mobile messaging

Mobile messaging is big business and when it comes to apps and social media what do young people prefer when it comes to Facebook and Twitter? Pew Research Center has put an extensive research piece together; now other than texting direct from a mobile device consumers have taken to apps to send … [Read more...]

Google Plus, Gmail automated replies via patent system

Google Plus automated replies via patent system

So, you have Google Plus and you update it on a daily basis with a few days not being able to reply to messages etc. The days you are unable to get on to social media sites means you do not reply to those days messages until later in the day or the next day. This could all possibly change if a … [Read more...]

Is the evolution of mobile messaging apps a threat to Facebook?

Is The Evolution Of Mobile Messaging Apps A Threat To Facebook pic 1

Now creating a huge network of friends, individual personal profiles and sharing photos, videos and music doesn’t mean you are just using Facebook. Instead they point to several thousands of smartphone based mobile messaging apps, which come with more or less the same functionality of that of … [Read more...]

Facebook’s mobile users take to message apps

Facebooks mobile users take to message apps

Facebook’s growth is immense but this could all change if users head towards message apps such as WeChat, Line, WhatsApp and Kik. Facebook is very popular indeed with the youth but it seems the social networking site is being overshadowed by the likes of instant messaging apps, and this is starting … [Read more...]

Facebook Announce November 15 Event: Revamp Messaging System?


News has come through today that online social networking site Facebook will now be holding an event next week on November 15 at 10 am. Surprisingly enough, it will not be held at it's usual location, Palo Alto, due to the Web 2.0 Summit where CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be located, but will be … [Read more...]