Bogus Safari update adds two nasty programs

Bogus Safari update adds two nasty programs pic 1

There is a bogus Safari update floating around at the moment that can lead to you installing two nasty programs, in that we mean nasty in being fairly hard to uninstall for your Mac. Thanks to leading researchers Malwarebytes, they have discovered a few websites pushing out a fake Safari update. … [Read more...]

YouTube Downloader vs alternative TrackSaver

YouTube Downloader vs alternative TrackSaver pic 3

One of the best sites to download videos or music from YouTube is YouTube Downloader, but another service by the name of TrackSaver is hot on its tail. Even though Google will not like this at all and we can understand that considering they own YouTube, it does not stop people wanting to download … [Read more...]

Google Plus Android reaches Facebook’s 1-5 billion install mark

Google Plus Android reaches Facebook’s 1-5 billion install mark pic 2

Whilst Google Drive and Play Games have both reached the 500 million Android install barrier, Google Plus has at last entered the 1 billion install mark. This is a great deal for those using the Google Plus social media network, it proves G Plus is NOT a ghost community. If you look at both … [Read more...]

Social media complete breakdown for holiday season

Social media complete breakdown for holiday season

As the holiday season approaches, retailers need to be even more attuned to their customers’ needs and concerns. Social media has become one of the most important channels for reaching customers and enhancing their brand experience, so Falcon Social have undertaken a research-based analysis of … [Read more...]

iOS 8 download time causing Twitter stir

iOS 8 download time causing Twitter stir

So many people are taking to Twitter today whilst they wait for iOS 8 to release, which should be happening today after 10:00am Pacific time (6pm GMT). The mixed tweets are both in favour of the update and some not so keen. iOS 8 download time waiting game has begun and the clock is ticking, once … [Read more...]

Waptrick June 2014 UK Top 40 recognition

Waptrick UK Top 40 June 2014 recognition

The new Waptrick UK June 2014 Top 40 is in and is very popular indeed, and some of the music downloads have climbed and gained recognition. Those that love music can download their favourite tracks on Waptrick for free each month, and the month of June 2014 Top 40 is now in with Ed Sheeran moving … [Read more...]

Godzilla 2014 social fame on Putlocker

Godzilla 2014 Putlocker full online movie

Because the Godzilla 2014 movie has been a great success at the Box office, it has been socially shared on many websites including and has become a Box Office success. Godzilla 2014 starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen earned $93 (US) million in ticket sales in its … [Read more...]

Waptrick UK popularity with top 40

Waptrick UK popularity with top 40

The Waptrick UK top 40 seems to be rather popular over on the download site, users love the ability to download the top 40 free tracks for any chosen month. Looking over on the Waptrick site we can see the UK Top 40 going back to May 2011, you can also click on all the months in 2012, 2013 and … [Read more...]

Mac OS X Lion Roars Past 1M Downloads- Adobe Users In Chaos


As we mentioned 2 days back, Mac OS X Lion is now available to download and the reception to its launch has been remarkable. Apple's latest Mac operating system is unique in the fact that it is not sold on a disc, instead exclusively through the Mac App Store and via a USB stick coming soon. … [Read more...]

iOS Owners Are Buying 61% More Apps Compared To 2010


We recently saw how Apple's App Store stormed to amazing 15 billion downloads last week, despite them failing to get an injunction to stop Amazon from trading with the name "Appstore". Even though Amazon may have been stealing a bit of Apple's thunder it has not stopped them from a roaring success … [Read more...]

Amazon Launches The Mac Downloads Store


Amazon has just released its Mac Downloads Store, which will serve as a natural competitor to Apple's Mac App Store. … [Read more...]

Download Lady Gaga’s New Album For $0.99 On Amazon


For all you little monsters out there who are desperately awaiting Lady Gaga's new album, "Born This Way", Amazon are dishing out a digital disc download for just $0.99! … [Read more...]

Rovio Boss Targets 100 Million Angry Birds Downloads In China


With the runaway success story of Angry Birds so far, the Rovio boss Peter Veserbacka has ambitiously aimed for a release in China with a target of a further 100 million game downloads. … [Read more...]

Sony Giving Downloadable Content With PS Move Starter Pack


Sony has opted to do what many more are, and ditch physical discs in favour of downloadable content. … [Read more...]

Over 5 Million Downloads For Firefox 4 In 1st Day


Mozilla's newly launched version of their internet browser, Firefox 4 has been a smash hit with more than 5 million downloads in the first 24 hours of availability. This breaks the record set by Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 recently. … [Read more...]

Apple Set To Increase Their Music Quality- Worth It?


Those high quality tracks you download from iTunes could be set to get higher, as Apple are reportedly in talks with record labels to increase the quality of the songs that are sold. … [Read more...]

iTunes Goes Gaga: Fastest Ever To 1 Million Downloads


It looks like Gaga is most certainly on the right track, as she has just broken yet another record which just happens to be having the fastest ever single to reach 1 million downloads on iTunes. … [Read more...]

On Air, On Sale: Sony And Universal’s New Music Offering


We know how frustrating it can be to have to wait for one of your favourite songs to be released. First you hear it on the radio or TV and then want to whack it onto your iPod or MP3 player, but then you find out its not available for another 3 weeks. Sony and Universal are offering a way around … [Read more...]

Oecoway’s Unofficial iPad Facebook App Hits 1.5 Million Dowmloads


We brought you the news about a month ago that Oecoway were offering a Facebook like app called "Friendly", which is a substitute for the social network on Apple's iPad. Tablet owners have been rapidly downloading the app and Oecoway are currently celebrating 1.5 million downloads. … [Read more...]