Halloween games for kids on Facebook

Bubble Shooter Halloween

When it comes to Halloween games for kids on Facebook you would expect a 13 year old and above not to be within the kid category, but no matter what age our children are they will always be our children. Yes, you do have to be 13 years or older to activate your own Facebook account and the games we … [Read more...]

New YouTube for Kids desktop release skipped

New YouTube for Kids desktop release skipped pic 2

The new YouTube for Kids is only going to release as an Android app, which means it is not being released as a desktop version just yet. Apps on mobile devices can now be regulated so why not regulate YouTube for Kids on a computer, laptop? YouTube for Kids is suitable for the young ones where … [Read more...]

Cubi Communicator is the social gadget for kids

Cubi Communicator is the social gadget for kids pic 1

Many parents believe their child is too young for social media and mobile phones, but we all know they would love to keep in touch with friends and communicate just like us adults. This is where the new Cubi Communicator Kickstarter project comes into play. The Cubi is worn like a watch and has … [Read more...]

IKEA VYSSA crib mattress recall warning for 2015

IKEA VYSSA crib mattress recall in USA main pic

IKEA recently made an announcement about its IKEA VYSSA crib mattress recall, there are five mattresses model names in total totalling 169,000. Furniture retailer IKEA has recalled the crib mattresses after just receiving two reports of children getting trapped between the crib’s end panel and … [Read more...]

Kid suffers for mums Facebook post

Kid suffers mums Facebook post

A 4-year-old boy has been expelled from his school because of his mums Facebook post, the mum is in total shock over the schools decision to expel him from preschool. The angry mum cannot believe her 4-year-old son Will has been expelled from Sonshine Christian Academy, a private preschool … [Read more...]

Facebook vs Parents in kids under 13 patent

Facebook vs Parents in kids under 13 patent

A new patent filed on November 28, 2012 by Facebook titled ‘Managing Social Network Accessibility Based On Age’ has emerged and this one could spark a Facebook vs Parents debate. Under the patent’s header title ‘Abstract’ it says, when a user having an age less than a threshold age (a child user) … [Read more...]

YouTube for Kids to halt illicit content

YouTube for Kids to halt illegal substance

Video feature site YouTube is apparently creating another kid-accommodating site. It will start projects for youngsters who are beneath 10 years of age. Presently, YouTube runs security measures that square improper substance. Nonetheless, it isn't 100% exact. Once the new site is created, more … [Read more...]

Cursing toddler thug video is socially shocking

Cursing toddler thug video is socially shocking

We have all heard bad language and profanities etc, but when all the above and much more comes from the mouth of a 2-year old baby it is deplorable to say the least. The Cursing toddler thug video is socially shocking and the mother says her sons smart. The little swearing toddler video went … [Read more...]

Parents exposing kids with Facebook profiles

Parents exposing kids with Facebook profiles

So many children are setting up online social accounts even though they are under age; there is no real way for the likes of Facebook to determine if the kids are in fact of age to have an account. We all know that parents love their children, but giving them cuddles and all the love in the … [Read more...]

Funny kids talk about Facebook, Twitter

Funny kids talk about Facebook, Twitter

We all love it when kids say the funniest of things, but a new video had us all laughing when comedian Mark Malkoff asked them a selection of questions about Facebook and Twitter etc. Do kids really know what social media is? In a nutshell, NO they don’t. If you watch the video provided below you … [Read more...]

Decision time for kids using social media networks

Decision time for kids using social media networks

One of the hardest things for parents when it comes to social networking is “When is it right for them to start using?” this is one question that arises with many parents. Using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Instagram, or Pinterest etc is very good indeed but there are also … [Read more...]

Classmate Plus: A Computer for Kids From Intel & Lenovo


When it comes to helping kids to learn there are different technological tools that span throughout the ages. They even have their own social network called JackieFame.com. Now we are hearing about a device that has been put together by Intel and Lenovo … [Read more...]

Disney and Social Networking: Togetherville for Kids


We’re obviously big fans of social networking here at OSM but have also published some articles about negative aspects of it, especially for kids, and pondered what age they should be before they join the social networking sphere. First Lady, Michelle Obama, recently spoke about how she wouldn’t … [Read more...]

Child Friendly Tablet PC: The LeapPad - Early iPad Training


We thought 2011 was going to be the year of the tablet PC and we were right. Back at CES 2011 we saw more than 50 tablets alone, between then and the beginning of MWC we saw a few more. With MWC 2011 packing up until next year we have heard about another tablet pc … [Read more...]

Facebook Suitable for Kids? Not according to Michelle Obama


The use of technology and social media for kids is something that divides many people. We recently told how tech skills were outpacing lifeskills for some children and how even toddlers were now learning a form of social media and we’ve also reported recently about a Facebook scam targeted at … [Read more...]

Tech Skills Outpacing Life Skills for Kids


We learn some surprising things here at OSM and some things amuse us (favorite YouTube videos), while some shock, such as our recent infographic about why we should be worried about identity theft. This one may shock some but if you’re a parent worrying why your kid can’t yet tie their shoelaces but … [Read more...]

Norad Santa Tracker: Games For Kids 2010


Every year for many people Christmas really begins with the NORAD Santa Tracker. This site that enables children to track Santa as he leaves the North Pole on his circuit around the globe grows in popularity every year and we recently posted an article to tell more about it. When we last looked a … [Read more...]

E-Readers out, iPads in - with kids aged 6 to 12


Have you been wondering what gadget gifts kids would really appreciate for the holiday season? If so a new survey might interest you of kids between the ages of 6 and 12 that were shown a plethora of gadgets on a list and asked to pick the ones they really wanted. … [Read more...]