Halloween games for kids on Facebook

Bubble Shooter Halloween

When it comes to Halloween games for kids on Facebook you would expect a 13 year old and above not to be within the kid category, but no matter what age our children are they will always be our children. Yes, you do have to be 13 years or older to activate your own Facebook account and the games we … [Read more...]

Pumpkin patches near me by best websites

Pumpkin patches near me by best websites pic 2

Thousands of people visit pumpkin patches in the United States and if you thought for one minute it is just about picking pumpkins think again. It is more of a festive bit of fun for the whole family. People are always searching for ‘Pumpkin patches near me’ and the best way to find them is via … [Read more...]

Pinterest Pin Picks perfect for DIY Halloween costumes

Pinterest Pin Picks perfect for DIY Halloween costumes main pic

Pinterest recently launched its new Pin Picks, which are perfect for those who love DIY, and the new release has come just in time for the Halloween season. Pin Picks is a simple collection of the favorite things on Pinterest, we all have our favorite categories on Pinterest and the things we … [Read more...]

Pinterest Halloween 2014 boards to follow

Pinterest Halloween 2014 boards to follow

Halloween is the time to put scare-tactics into motion to frighten people, but it is also about having fun within a community as one. Pinterest is a very good place to be where following the right Boards with great Pins can provide endless amounts of ideas. Halloween Pinterest Boards will give … [Read more...]

Scary hangman prank video too realistic

Scary hangman Halloween prank video too realistic

Halloween this year was absolutely fantastic, everyone dressing up and parties all over the world went ahead. Sometimes people have to take it that one step to far, and the scary hangman prank video we have for you below is just too realistic. The video below is disturbing to say the least and if … [Read more...]

Pinterest popular food recipes: Pumpkin Pie

Pinterest popular food recipes- Pumpkin Pie

One of the most looked for pictures on Pinterest is a food and drink recipe. It seems that nothing wets the appetite more than a photo of food and drink. So today we wanted to feature one of the most looked for Pinterest pictures and recipes, and right now thanks to a trend every year right … [Read more...]

10 Pinterest inspired Halloween recipes

10 Pinterest inspired Halloween recipes

Halloween is supposed to be a night of fright and horror, once a year everyone gets together to scare people by trick and treating. The build up to October 31 is normally mayhem, parents, kids, family, friends, it does not matter who you are we normally like to play a prank or get together for … [Read more...]

Follow best Halloween costumes, ideas on Pinterest

Follow best Halloween costumes, ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best online social networks for finding things, and seeing as the scary night is looming we decided to find the best Halloween costumes and ideas for you to follow on Pinterest. After looking for a while we came across what we believe to be the best costumes and ideas for … [Read more...]

YouTube focused on last minute Halloween costumes

YouTube focused on last minute Halloween costumes

It might not be Halloween just yet, but the weekend is here, and is the best time to go out to parties or other such events. Most of you will already know what you will be dressing up as, but for those who still have no idea, then you will be pleased that YouTube is there to help, as they are now … [Read more...]

5 YouTube recipe videos for Pumpkin seeds

5 YouTube recipe videos for Pumpkin seeds

In the build up to Halloween 2011 parents will be frantically running around trying to organize parties, costumes for their children and also carving out a Jack-o'-lantern. However, never one to waste anything, mothers like to put the meat from the pumpkin to good use, as well as those seeds, which … [Read more...]

Halloween is Pumpkin season and new Angry Birds time


Just a few days ago we informed you of a new Angry birds to release this Halloween, making it not only the time for a nice Pumpkin, but also one for some good fun playing a new game, just what the die-hard Angry Bird fans need. That post showed a sneak peek at the new Halloween Angry Birds, … [Read more...]

New for 2011: Angry Birds Halloween

New for 2011- Angry Birds Halloween

There is not long to go until October 31, and it’s not only a time when kids dress up to try and get candy from the neighbors, but also a time when new games get launched. However, the one that most iOS and Android users are looking forward to the most is the new Angry Birds Halloween Edition for … [Read more...]

Twitter’s top 10 trends this week


We have a roundup of the week's top 10 Twitter trends right here for you as usual. There is a mixed bag of topics this week with the likes of politics and sport being amongst the chart, which is courtesy of Mashable. … [Read more...]

Halloween Google Doodle Celebrates Scooby Doo

scooby doo

In the past search engine Google has celebrated yearly events with special Google Doodles, this year being no exception. It's Halloween and this time round, instead of concentrating on just one unique design, there are five to choose from. … [Read more...]

Free Halloween Ecards: Send One Today


Halloween is upon us, so get all your scary masks out, get all your fancy dress costumes and get ready for an evening full of trick or treating! … [Read more...]