Cubi Communicator is the social gadget for kids

Cubi Communicator is the social gadget for kids pic 1

Many parents believe their child is too young for social media and mobile phones, but we all know they would love to keep in touch with friends and communicate just like us adults. This is where the new Cubi Communicator Kickstarter project comes into play. The Cubi is worn like a watch and has … [Read more...]

Activision Unveil CoD Modern Warfare 3 Gaming Glasses: 3D?


November 8th is the big blood splattered date marked in all gamers' diaries, marking the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The game is not on sale for a good 3 months, but plenty of gaming accessories are already being made available to enhance your experience. Activision has unveiled a … [Read more...]

Memorex Universal Nintendo 3DS Case: Interchangeable Games


The Nintendo 3DS is a bit of kit that many people were looking to buy before it was released and has perhaps been slightly disappointing since its debut. Many people have complained of feeling sick and nauseous after playing on their new device and we have also seen some marks appearing on the … [Read more...]

Sony PlayStation 3 Portable: eBay Current Price $1,600


Sony has been a massive talking point for a lot of people across the world in recent times mainly because of their PSN outage that was caused by the servers being breached. Sony has since rebuilt the infrastructure and today announced that the PlayStation Store will be up and running along with some … [Read more...]

Livescribe Connect: Your Doodles Go Social


Have you ever wanted to share a doodle that you feel is brilliant with your friends on Facebook or had some kind of drawing or plan that you want to send by email without the bother of having to use a scanner? Well now you can with a device called the Livescribe … [Read more...]

Lockitron: Use Your iPhone To Unlock Your Door


We have seen some pretty unique and innovative devices in our time such as the speakers in your sneakers and the no strings strumming with the Hyper Touch Guitar being just a few. Now we have something else to tell you about that we feel might get a bit of a mixed reception … [Read more...]

The iKeyboard For The Apple iPad 2: Solution To Typing


The tablet PC market was once thought to be dead until Apple flexed their muscles and introduced the iPad which certainly re-ignited the flame and now it’s booming. There are lots of different manufacturers adding their own devices mainly with a Google Android operating system … [Read more...]

Ideum Multitouch Table: A Simply Astonishing Device


The way that technology is moving forward we are starting to see more different types of concept device popping up all over the place. Some of the ones we have reported on in recent times include the speakers in your sneakers, the handheld retro SNES console and the one that has the most in common … [Read more...]

SNES Goes Handheld: Retro Console Now Mobile!


We have seen some pretty sweet devices in recent times, some of them include the iTable, the speakers in your sneakers, a Hyper Touch Guitar and of course the original Nintendo console that was customized seeing the old machine turned into a high flying PC with a brand new paintjob. Now we have … [Read more...]

Connect With Your Furniture: Apple iPhone iTable Dock


We at OSM like to bring you some of the concept devices that we come across in our ventures across the Internet. Some of the ones we have brought you previously include the speakers in your sneakers, the wireless charging table from Panasonic and of course the Hyper Touch Guitar … [Read more...]

EraThink EraPalm: It Looks Like a Games Console


With the rise in popularity of gaming and more so this year handheld gaming with the release of the Nintendo 3DS and later this year the NGP (PSP2), it would seem only natural for there to be more gaming mobile devices such as the first certified PlayStation phone from Sony Ericsson … [Read more...]

No Strings Strumming With The Hyper Touch Guitar


At OSM we love to bring you devices that have something special about them or that have some sort of uniqueness. Recent reports have seen the speakers in your sneakers, a customized NES that has been turned into a high spec computer but if you are more into your music then this might be worth a read … [Read more...]

Zypad WL 1500: A Computer For Emergency Workers?


We at OSM love to report on cool innovative devices, some of the ones that we have seen in recent times are the Sneaker Speakers, the Microsoft Kinect working with the Sony PS3 and of course the Wireless charging table from Panasonic … [Read more...]

The Wireless Charging Table From Panasonic


We have seen some crazy gadgets in our time at OSM but perhaps not any as innovative as this. We have seen headphones on a zipper and an external hard drive that can withstand some blasts from a shotgun, be submerged in water and still survive … [Read more...]

Desktop Drink Gadgets for Thirsty Work


There are some great gadgets around these days for all types of things and if you’re desk-bound for a lot of the day and don’t fancy the usual scrum for tea and coffee, or simply don’t want to bother making it for everyone else, you could simply get yourself one of the neat desktop gadget drink … [Read more...]

Movie To Motorway: Tron’s Light Cycle For Sale


With all of the flashy high tech gadgets and cars we see on the big screen nowadays, you cant help but sit back sometimes and say to yourself: "Man I wish I could get me one of those!" Well for anybody who did that whilst watching Tron Legacy recently, then you may be in luck. … [Read more...]

Audiovox: Bringing You The First In Car Blu-ray Player


Over the weekend we saw plenty of new and innovative looking gadgets at the CES 2011, but this new product by Audiovox takes portable entertainment to another level. The company has become the first to make a Blu-ray player that plays movies in your car. … [Read more...]

Tough gadget gifts that just keep on going


Here at OSM we’ve been bringing you posts on ideas for gifts such as business gifts, personalized gadgets and a holiday gifting trend report for electronic products. However now we have some ideas for those people who love both gadgets and the great outdoors or just need something tough that will … [Read more...]

2010 Holiday Gifting Trend Report for Electronic Products


Many of you will already be into your shopping for the holiday season and we’ve recently posted articles that may interest you about ideas for personalized gadgets, a Gift Plan app for iPhone and also ideas for business gifts. We’ve also been taking a look at a report on 2010 holiday gifting trends … [Read more...]

Business Holiday Gifts: Show them they’re valued


Here at OSM we’ve been trying to bring you ideas about gifts for this holiday season and recently brought you a post on holiday gifts to avoid (equally important!) as well as personalized gadget gift ideas. Now we want to bring you some great ideas about business holiday gifts to show clients, … [Read more...]

Personalized Gadgets: Great gift ideas


The holiday shopping season is certainly well underway and we’ve been giving you news on Cyber Monday deals and also looked into the performance, up to Black Friday, of online retailers. Now it’s time for a treat and a look at a few gadgets that you can have personalized or customized. This is a … [Read more...]

PlayStation Portable out PC’s in - What devices teenagers and adults want


Earlier today we posted an article about an ‘interest’ in buying’ survey questioning kids aged between 6 and 12 who were shown an array of gadgets and asked to choose which they were interested in. We noted that the iPad was at the top of the list while the lowly E-reader languished at the bottom. … [Read more...]

E-Readers out, iPads in - with kids aged 6 to 12


Have you been wondering what gadget gifts kids would really appreciate for the holiday season? If so a new survey might interest you of kids between the ages of 6 and 12 that were shown a plethora of gadgets on a list and asked to pick the ones they really wanted. … [Read more...]

Holiday gadget gifts to avoid: Digital photo frames top the list


We’re coming up to the busy holiday shopping season now with Black Friday just around the corner and bargains to be had. Before you go mad though, you might be interested in the findings of a new survey which looked into the least-wanted holiday gadget as a gift. … [Read more...]

Tecca Apps: Buying gadgets made easy


There’s always a lot of news around about apps for mobiles and just recently we’ve brought you details of the new Napster App for iPhone and described how Apple is now allowing Google Voice Apps for iOS devices again. Now there’s some good news for all of you who are interested in buying gadgets, … [Read more...]