Fallout 4 countdown teased on Twitter

Fallout 4 countdown teased on Twitter pic 2

Please stand by for the new announcement for a new game, the Fallout 4 countdown is being teased on Twitter with a clock saying just over 4 hours to go. We are very excited to hear more news about this just as much as you are. It looks like Fallout 4 is being announced today seeing as the new … [Read more...]

Unfriended movie to shock April 17

Unfriended movie to shock April 17 pic 1

Have you got what it takes to question Laura Barns? If you own Skype you may want to switch it of Friday April 17, 2015 because this is when the girl takes revenge online. You have to be seriously brave to have Skype open, especially if you are scared of horror movies using the messaging … [Read more...]

New YouTube for Kids desktop release skipped

New YouTube for Kids desktop release skipped pic 2

The new YouTube for Kids is only going to release as an Android app, which means it is not being released as a desktop version just yet. Apps on mobile devices can now be regulated so why not regulate YouTube for Kids on a computer, laptop? YouTube for Kids is suitable for the young ones where … [Read more...]

Bloodborne PS4 exclusive release delay via social

Bloodborne PS4 exclusive release delay via social

The new Sony PS4 exclusive game called Bloodborne release date was all set for February 6, 2015. But, according to the official Twitter account it will now be coming March 26, 2015. So many people were and probably still looking forward in playing the Sony PS4 exclusive game called ‘Bloodborne’, … [Read more...]

Kno Tablet Shipping Delayed Up To 2 Months: Some May Wait Until April?


A while back, in fact November 2010, we brought you news of 2 tablets from Kno, which were potentially geared up those within the academic market. Kno's offerings were expected to be one of a 14.1-inch single screen model, and the other a dual-screen with both shipping sometime in December. … [Read more...]

Motorola Atrix 4G & Droid Bionic Release Dates: One in February


There are two upcoming smartphones that we know many people are waiting for because of responses to our many articles. Both of the phones that we’re talking about are from Motorola and both are part of the new dual-core processor wave that is coming. They are the Motorola Atrix 4G coming to AT&T; … [Read more...]

Motorola Xoom Release: Coming Feb and 4G LTE version in Q2


Since we first heard of the Motorola Xoom we’ve been following all the news and speculation for this new tablet that is set to give the iPad a real run for its money. Among some of our many posts are price rumors, a look at it vs. the BlackBerry Playbook, and also against the Notion Ink Adam, and … [Read more...]

Release Dates for Streak 7, Galaxy S 4G and G-Slate on T-Mobile


If you’re waiting for some release dates for some of the new devices that have got everybody talking then we may just have the news you’re looking for about the Samsung Galaxy S 4G (Vibrant 4G), the Dell Streak 7 and the LG G-Slate. … [Read more...]

Verizon 4G LTE phones: Price & release date rumors


Following on from our recent story about the continuing rollout of the Verizon 4G LTE network with the next cities to be added, we thought we’d take a look at some of the 4G phones due to come to Verizon in the next few months and some of the rumored release dates and price expectations. … [Read more...]