Social media is redefining childhood friendship

Social media is redefining childhood friendship pic 3

Social media has steadily advanced into every area of life, including growing up. Today's children are facing issues with which no previous generation has had to grapple. Now, perhaps the most comprehensive gathering of experts in social media from the fields of psychology, social work, … [Read more...]

IKEA VYSSA crib mattress recall warning for 2015

IKEA VYSSA crib mattress recall in USA main pic

IKEA recently made an announcement about its IKEA VYSSA crib mattress recall, there are five mattresses model names in total totalling 169,000. Furniture retailer IKEA has recalled the crib mattresses after just receiving two reports of children getting trapped between the crib’s end panel and … [Read more...]

Excited Richard Branson and daughter joins LinkedIn

LinkedIn gains Richard Branson and daughter for BIYPD

Bring In Your Parents Day 2014 has got the perfect team, which includes LinkedIn, Richard Branson and his daughter Holly. LinkedIn decided they wanted to join forces with Sir Richard Branson, and soon after his daughter Holly Branson joined in as well. She was so excited she took over Branson’s … [Read more...]

Facebook privacy policy changes teens love, parent’s hate

Facebook privacy policy changes teens love, parent’s hate

Last week Facebook decided to make a few changes to its privacy policy, and even though this has been relaxed a little towards teenagers we know for sure a few parents are not so happy about the changes. The Facebook privacy policy 2013 changes are great for teenagers because it means they will … [Read more...]

Teachers Tormented Online: Actions Of Parents & Children


In the past when we've spoken about the topic of cyber bullying, the news tends to emphasize on the younger generation, but news today has stated that a dramatic rise has been seen amongst teachers being targeted particularly from parents. … [Read more...]

Social Networks For Parents: Some of the best


The world of social networking is increasingly commonplace and although it has great benefits it’s fair to say some negative points have also been made. For example recently we told how it’s now natural for many parents and their teens to extend their relationship on Facebook and it can be a … [Read more...]

Tech support for parents from Google: Video tutorials


There’s great news for those of you who seem to spend most of the time spent with your parents these days explaining how to do tech things as they try to master their computers. While we take our hats off to our parents for trying, it can sometimes be exasperating to say the least. … [Read more...]

Parents’ guide to Facebook - Keep your teen safe


We all know that Facebook, the social networking site, can be a wonderful thing and can be a really good resource, but if you’re a parent and you have a teenager that’s online and uses Facebook, you probably also know how worried you can be about your kids staying safe while using it. … [Read more...]