Cubi Communicator is the social gadget for kids

Many parents believe their child is too young for social media and mobile phones, but we all know they would love to keep in touch with friends and communicate just like us adults. This is where the new Cubi Communicator Kickstarter project comes into play.

The Cubi is worn like a watch and has been dubbed the ‘Star Trek-like Communicator for Smart Kids’ with a lot more features.

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Even if you believe your child is too young for communication via mobile device or social media, the Cubi Communicator is a great way for kids to strengthen and build-up connection within a family. This is a smartwatch featuring GPS, Instant Emergency and Voice messages.

Thanks to BeLuvv unveiling the new wrist communicator on Kickstater they have found a way kids can still stay in touch with friends as well as their parents. No need to worry about not being able to communicate, and no mobile phone is needed.

Kids who where the Cubi will be able to send voice messages to selected smartphones, as well as other Cubi Communicator.

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This KickStarter project has 44 days to go until it ends; so far 15 backers have donated a total of $1,223 of a $100,000 goal. The early-bird device is expected to be released in July 2015 if backed. Adults can use social media and mobile phones to communicate; your young child can use the Cubi Communicator Watch.

For $99 this will get you the Early Bird Cubi in any color choice being it green, blue, pink or orange, the more you pledge the better you get – For more information please visit Kickstarter.

Would you let your child use the Cubi Communicator rather than social media or mobile phone?

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