Mcbusted baby video announcement by Tom Fletcher

A new YouTube video by none other than McBusted singer Tom Fletcher is getting a whole lot of attention at the moment. The video is simply titled ‘Player 2’ and there is a very good reason as to why, say hello to the best ever McBusted baby video announcement ever.

We have seen many celebrities take to YouTube to announce that they are having a baby, but no one has ever put together a masterpiece like Tom Fletcher – WOW.

Mcbusted baby video announcement by Tom Fletcher pic 2

The YouTube Tom Fletcher baby announcement video is just superb, you see the music star go into his loft and then bringing down an old ‘Mega Drive’ gaming console down to the living room. This is where he unpacks it in front of his wife Giovanna and their little baby boy Buzz Michelangelo.

He starts of by setting up the players, with his son Buzz being ‘Player 1’ and putting a question mark (?) next to Player 2 and then the camera looks down at Giovanna’s stomach to see a baby scan photo.

Tom Fletcher has also taken to his Twitter account @tommcfly, in one tweet he thanks everyone for their messages about Player 2 his new Fletcher on the way. He also says if they are having a boy they will not be calling him Woody, even though having a Buzz and a Woody in the family would be cool.

Please do watch the video below and then have your say, we love it and would like to say congratulations to both Giovanna and Tom.

Mcbusted baby video announcement by Tom Fletcher pic 1