Ronda Rousey gets knocked out and Twitter responds

Ronda Rousey gets knocked out and Twitter responds pic 1

The Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm UFC 193 knockout has got Twitter responding with respect for Holm and upsets for Rousey. Holly Holm took Rousey down by draining her and a kick to the neck ending the fight, for many Ronda Rousey fans this was a huge upset in UFC 193 MMA history. It all turned … [Read more...]

Mcbusted baby video announcement by Tom Fletcher

Mcbusted baby video announcement by Tom Fletcher pic 1

A new YouTube video by none other than McBusted singer Tom Fletcher is getting a whole lot of attention at the moment. The video is simply titled ‘Player 2’ and there is a very good reason as to why, say hello to the best ever McBusted baby video announcement ever. We have seen many celebrities … [Read more...]

Costa Concordia upright, BBC video time-lapsed

Costa Concordia upright BBC video time-lapsed

Over on YouTube we have noticed that the Costa Concordia time-lapse video is becoming highly watched, the cruise liner that capsized just off Giglio Island in Italy shocked the world and last week saw the largest salvage operation of all time in maritime history. The salvage of Costa Concordia … [Read more...]

Kevin Ware broken leg YouTube video gains major views

Kevin Ware broken leg YouTube video gains major views

During the Louisville vs. Duke basketball game player Kevin Ware sustained a broken leg, and since doing so he has become a YouTube video sensation gaining millions of views. The horrific leg fracture looks horrid but was an accident; Kevin Ware underwent surgery to repair the horrible fracture … [Read more...]

The 60 Minutes Steve Jobs video


On October 5th, Apple’s CEO and one of its co-founders Steve Jobs lost his battle against pancreatic cancer. Despite Jobs being ill for some time, the news still came as a shock to the world. Remembered for the way in which he changed the world of technology, Jobs has been recognised in an … [Read more...]

Epic Meal Time’s Meat Cthulhu Goes Viral On YouTube


OK OSM readers, it’s that time again, it’s time for another YouTube viral video and it’s about one of our favorite groups of YouTube legends known to us as the Epic Meal Time crew. The new clip that they uploaded recently is the “Meat Cthulhu” and it’s gone viral on YouTube as all of their clips do … [Read more...]

Biker Vs ‘BuckNorris’ Antelope: Extremely Viral YouTube Video


Many of you who regularly keep up with OSM know that it’s a good place to watch all sorts of crazy videos that get viewed a heck of a lot on YouTube. Now we have another extremely viral YouTube video where we are calling it Biker Vs ‘BuckNorris’ Antelope as are many others in the comments section… … [Read more...]

FPSRussia Viral Video: M4 Zombie Hunting & Ballistic Knife?


For all of you who are getting a bit bored of the Epic Meal Time videos that we post about, we have something a bit more exciting courtesy of another YouTube star. FPSRussia regularly makes videos and this one is titled “M4 Zombie Hunting & Ballistic Knife?” … [Read more...]

Epic Meal Time – The Leftovers From French Fry Week


We start this week off with the final clip from last week’s Epic Meal Time week where they were adding a clip each day to do with French fries. The final Epic Meal Time video uploaded is titled “The Leftovers” from FrenchFryWeek … [Read more...]

Epic Meal Time French Fry Week Day 4: Deep Fried Waffle Fries


Gather round, gather round, it’s Thursday or as people who are down with Epic Meal Time know, it’s Fryday. That’s right players, day 4 of Epic Meal Time’s French Fry week and the name of this delicious video is “Deep Fried Waffle Fries.” … [Read more...]

Impressive Curved Samsung Nexus Prime Unveiled


Testing times we wonder now, with the introduction of the new Apple iPhone 4S announced yesterday. We all knew it was coming but didn’t have a clue what the handset would offer, but with a same exterior and refreshed innards, we ask whether its enough to fend off competition from others such as the … [Read more...]

Epic Meal Time: Candy Poutine - Day 3 Wednesday ‘Fryday’


Whilst most of the people on the web are searching for the details following Apple’s recent event where the iPhone 4S was revealed, we aren’t loosing track of the other things that have been talked about over the last few days including Epic Meal Time’s Fry Week. Today is Day 3, Wednesday ‘Fryday’ … [Read more...]

Epic Meal Time Day 2: Spam Fries Four Loko


YouTube is a hot topic on the Internet and it always attracts a lot of people to it with the sheer number of videos that get uploaded every hour of every day. It’s one of those places where you could get lost jumping from video to video watching completely random things that you never set out to. … [Read more...]

Epic Meal Time: French Fry Pizza Salad, it’s ‘Fryday’


If you are looking for somewhere that reports on the latest YouTube videos then you are in the right place. At OSM we strive to find the biggest and best YouTube sensations that have graced us with their presence. Once group that regularly upload YouTube hits is the Epic Meal Time gang, their latest … [Read more...]

NONONONO Cat: Good Ingredients For A Classic Viral Video


Many of you OSM regular readers will know that we love to report on the best YouTube viral videos and today we have another one to talk to you about. This one is titled “NONONONO Cat” and it certainly has good ingredients to be a classic YouTube viral video … [Read more...]

FPSRussia: Guns & Explosives! feat. Sniper Rifles


If you are looking for reports on the latest and greatest YouTube viral videos then you are definitely in the right place. At OSM we search for the ones that either make us laugh or make our jaws drop. Today we have something a little bit different for you from FPSRussia and it’s called “Guns & … [Read more...]

Video Goes Viral: Telekinetic man plays with paper planes!!


We all love the viral videos that circulate on YouTube, especially the ones where someone does something amazing or completely by chance. That is exactly what has happened when these lucky people were filming as they allowed their paper planes to fly off their balcony in the YouTube viral video … [Read more...]

PUMPED UP KICKS/DUBSTEP: Another YouTube Viral Video


The time has come to step away from the latest in technical, mobile and gaming news and to step back into the world of YouTube and the viral videos that circulate on there. Now we have another video that could almost be described as the perfect video to go viral, it’s titles “PUMPED UP … [Read more...]

New Epic Meal Time: Big Stupid S’More!


We love to report on the latest in YouTube videos that are classed as either viral or ones that we know will end up with millions of views. There are some things that you just know are going to get viewed a lot and sometimes you know because they are from a group that have a large following such as … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Arrival: HD 1080p Possibilities?


With just less than two weeks to go until the illustrious iPhone 5 smartphone from Apple is rumored to arrive, we start to wonder what its specifications will be along with design. A mixed bag of comments have been making their way to the internet, some of which have said that there will be no real … [Read more...]

Epic Meal Time: Zombie Meal Time - Your Thoughts?


For those of you who love the Epic Meal Time guys and what they do, you are in for a bit of a shock with their latest video! Normally what you would find from them is masses and masses of food (mainly meat) and some colorful language while they prepare and eat it after, this one is different and its … [Read more...]

Epic Rap Battles of History 13: Mr T vs Mr Rogers Hits YouTube


As many of you are already aware we report on each of the Epic Rap Battles of History as soon as we see them hitting YouTube. Unfortunately, with this one we are slightly late but there’s no harm in letting you all know about it especially if you haven’t seen it yet. This Epic Rap Battle of History … [Read more...]

Epic Meal Time - 12 Gauge Hot Dog: Another YouTube Viral


We are lovers of the material produced on YouTube including that of the guys at Epic Meal Time. We keep an eye out for the latest in the world’s trending viral videos on YouTube and now we have another classic called 12 Gauge Hot Dog which is already up around the 1 million views marker … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch: Impresses Via VIDEO


Samsung's new Galaxy S II handset is definitely a force to be reckoned with and news comes through for the device on a daily basis. For those Stateside, its just a matter of time before the welcomed addition will arrive bringing with it, different variants dependant on the chosen carrier. If … [Read more...]

YouTube Viral Video: West Coast Burger Pile - Epic Meal Time


We all love the occasional funny YouTube clip, some people more than others. At OSM we strive to bring you the latest clips that are classed as viral being seen by thousands and sometimes millions. There’s a group that we regularly report on who often hit the million marker with their clips and they … [Read more...]