Best Twitter lists 2015: MLB Contributors

MLB 2015 begun on April 5 and finishes off on October 4, it all kicked off this year with the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field. Fans are already taking to social media channels, to check on MLB drafts, standings and even Twitter followers.

Social media is the best form of finding the best accounts to follow, and seeing as it is comprehensive here is our best Twitter lists for 2015 MLB contributors.

Best Twitter lists 2015- MLB Contributors

The MLB-related Twitter accounts are from contributors, and seeing as baseball fanes will be consumed by the upcoming games you can bet your bottom dollar one of these contributors will get a follow from you.

By following these below you will get news, fun tweets, photos and so much more. If you are an MLB junkie you will love the following.

The Best MLB Contributors include: 1) Dugout Legends @DugoutLegends, 2) MLBcathedrals @MLBcathedrals, 3) Ace of MLB Stats @AceballStats, 4) Bill Bray @wpbray, 5) Adrian Burgos, Jr. @adburgosjr, 6) Minor League Stories @MinorsTeamNames, 7) Sean Ryan @collbaseball and 8) Phil Hecken @PhilHecken.

MLB June 11, 2015 Schedule: Mariners vs Indians as well as Padres vs Braves at 12:10 PM, Rangers vs Athletics at 3:35 PM, at 7:05 PM is the Red Sox and Orioles game. At 7:10 PM there will be three games, including Rockies vs Marlins, Angels vs Rays and Giants playing the Mets. Reds will be playing the Cubs at 8:05 PM, and the last game today is the Nationals vs Brewers at 8:10 PM.

What MLB June 11, 2015 game are you looking forward to the most?

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