Best Twitter lists 2015: MLB Contributors

Best Twitter lists 2015- MLB Contributors pic 1

MLB 2015 begun on April 5 and finishes off on October 4, it all kicked off this year with the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field. Fans are already taking to social media channels, to check on MLB drafts, standings and even Twitter followers. Social media is the best form of … [Read more...]

World Series live streaming on Android

Are you a massive fan of Major League Baseball (MLB), in which case you will be interested in what we’ll about to tell you? It doesn’t matter what team you’re following and whereabouts you are when the games are showing, a new Android app will make it possible to follow everything. … [Read more...]

Twitter & MLB’s “Home Run Derby” Interaction: Social Media First


American Major League Baseball fans will know that tonight (Monday) will feature its 82nd All Star “Home Run Derby” game. As well as baseball being one of the most popular sporting pastimes in the States, tonight will bring an additional benefit of fans being able to head on over to Twitter, to get … [Read more...]

MLB Live Stream April Training Games On Facebook For Free


Without many of the social networking sites currently available to users, many would possibly lose out on potential customer sales when advertising branded products. Today there seems to be an influx of companies and individuals willing to give sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube … [Read more...]

This weeks top 10 trends on Twitter


Twitter as we all know is a busy place for news and discussion and as usual we are going to be having a look at the 10 most popular trends this week. Mashable has kindly revealed what the hottest topics on the microblogging service are this week and we are bringing them to you right now. … [Read more...]

Twitter’s top 10 trends


If you are wondering what the hottest trends from the last week are then this is the place to be. Last week we saw that the Brazilian Election was at the top of the chart; however it has disappeared from the chart and given way for a new top trend. The 10 most popular trends are courtesy of … [Read more...]