Best Twitter lists 2015: MLB Contributors

Best Twitter lists 2015- MLB Contributors pic 1

MLB 2015 begun on April 5 and finishes off on October 4, it all kicked off this year with the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field. Fans are already taking to social media channels, to check on MLB drafts, standings and even Twitter followers. Social media is the best form of … [Read more...]

Derek Jeter farewell love on Twitter

Derek Jeter farewell love on Twitter

New York were provided with something very special in the last and final game at Yankee Stadium from retiring legend Derek Jeter, the captain has been getting a lot of response on Twitter, which is on fire at the moment. In his final home game beating Baltimore Orioles, 6-5 yesterday at the … [Read more...]

Carlos Martinez Twitter pictures removed after shame

Carlos Martinez Twitter pictures removed after shame

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez was left embarrassed after many illicit pictures were posted on his Twitter favourites list, even his manager Mike Matheny felt embarrassed by it all. Carlos Martinez’s Twitter profile @Tsunamy27 has over 22k followers, but it was his Twitter favourites … [Read more...]

EA Sports “World Series Superstars” Game Hits Home Run With Facebook


No doubt a huge number of you are already Facebook fans and use the site for keeping in touch with loved ones and friends, updating your status, uploading photos and so on, but there will be a percentage of you who enjoy just logging onto the site to play a little gaming and this is where today's … [Read more...]

Major League Baseball - Testing the Power of Social Media


The ever expanding world of social media simply cannot be ignored, more and more sports and brands are moving towards it in a bid to not only encourage their own user base but to also promote themselves … [Read more...]

MLB Live Stream April Training Games On Facebook For Free


Without many of the social networking sites currently available to users, many would possibly lose out on potential customer sales when advertising branded products. Today there seems to be an influx of companies and individuals willing to give sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube … [Read more...]

Twitter comments get Mike Bacsik fired


Former Major League Pitcher Mike Bacsik has now become the latest person to fall victim to Twitter. According to the Dallas Morning News, Bacsik has been suspended and consequently fired. Producer at "The Ticket" KTCK-AM (1310) made remarks through his personal Twitter account. … [Read more...]

Baseball Fans: 5 Great Android Apps


Finally the 2010 Major League Baseball season has started! So its time to dust off your bat and polish your ball because something special has just come out that any huge baseball fan cannot do without! … [Read more...]