Buffer vs Hootsuite and Sprout in 2015

There is one question people tend to want answering, this question is “When it comes to Buffer vs Hootsuite and Sprout in 2015, what one is the best to use and why? Can it be said that Hootsuite is better than Buffer, or what about using Sprout Social! Three different packages with similar ways in the way they work.

In some cases people do use both Hootsuite and Buffer, especially the paid versions because you get benefits from both, they both have the “Social Media Management Software” category so you can compare the both of them.

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Platforms have been put into place for the promotion and management of social media marketing, and like Hootsuite and Buffer we cannot forget the likes of Sprout Social. But yet again just this platform also is effective and the comparison between the two have different highlights in specific categories.

Hootsuite believes they are better than Buffer because they take the guesswork out of scheduling, such as not knowing the timing of when to schedule Twitter and Facebook messages, but by using Hootsuite they can help thanks to its AutoScheduler where it pinpoints the perfect time for each of your posts

They also boast the fact you can schedule unlimited messages with Hootlet, as well as getting full access to all your social accounts. This means you can manage up to 100 social profiles with one simple tool that gives you access to Facebook and Twitter profiles, Instagram, Google+ pages and LinkedIn Groups etc. Hootsuite also believe they are better than buffer because they allow its users to send and receive messages from your followers and fans, and it doesn’t matter what social social network you’re using.

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Buffer vs Hootsuite

Just like Hootsuite Buffer offers support for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but using Hootsuite on a daily basis we see that they offer just that little bit more than Buffer when it comes to flexibility. The ability to manage WordPress, Google+, Mixi and Foursquare as well as Twitter and Facebook for much more social media support.

Even though Hootsuite offers scheduling future updates to social media sites, users have said that Buffer makes it a little easier when planing posts ahead of time to let the upload to a time you think best to get the customer looking. For more information on Hootsuite vs Buffer take a read of what ROI Online has to say.

When it comes to Sprout Social we will let you tell us what you think of its services, it is worth reading an article by Social Driver covering Hootsuite vs Sprout Social here - So when it comes to Buffer vs Hootsuite and Sprout in 2015, what do you prefer using?

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