Best tool to check plagiarism online

When searching for information and then writing your own piece, you have to be very careful nowadays when it comes to defining the way you pass it off because you can enter the world of plagiarism. You cannot just go and grab someone’s content and use that you have to be unique in the way you put it across again to make it your own with your spin. So here we want to share with you the best tool to check plagiarism online.

So, what is the best tool to check plagiarism online? Well, there are so many of them and below is a,list of the ones we think you will really like. It is always popular when it comes to finding an online plagiarism checker for teachers and students, this is all part of the educational concern of getting things right the way you want it rather than just copying other stories and information etc.

Believe it or not, plagiarism is a part of what a lot of people do online to get the numbers in, as well as other such as students using information and trying to pass off as their own. But there are tools to check plagiarism online so you never make the mistake of duplicate content.

If you wish to check a students or someone’s work for copied material we suggest using the following tools below as this will help immensely.

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The fist online plagiarism checker is called ‘grammarly‘ , which is an automated proofreader and plagiarism checker. It can actually correct up to 10 times the mistakes as any other word processors. All you need to do is drop your text in the allocated box such as a text file or copy and paste a paragraph or more etc. It detects plagiarism by checking text against over 8 billion websites, finds and corrects over 250 types of grammatical mistakes and much more.

Next up is ‘Dupli Checker‘ and this is perfect because it is trusted by over 4 million students, as well as professionals and faculty. You can either browse a doc or text file or simply add text into the field box with a maximum of 1000 words per search. It basically cleans your contents and makes it original and is free for all to use. Each sentence will be dissected and any part of the text that was copied from another source will be displayed.

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If you are a teacher you may want to use ‘‘ it is perfect for checking a students paper to see if it has been copied from the Internet. Just simply click in the search box and then click on the ‘Search’ button. This one looks like you can only do a total search of 32 words long because they say this is Google’s word limit.

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You could go onto the Google search box and check for plagiarism yourself by simply using ” at the beginning and the end of your sentence. So for ecample you would type “The man went to the park and played tennis for about 2 hours”. If if the results come back saying No results found for “The man went to the park and played tennis for about 2 hours” then you know is it not duplicate content.

What is the your best tool to check plagiarism online?

Best tool to check plagiarism online