Buffer vs Hootsuite and Sprout in 2015

Buffer vs Hootsuite and Sprout in 2015 pic 2

There is one question people tend to want answering, this question is "When it comes to Buffer vs Hootsuite and Sprout in 2015, what one is the best to use and why? Can it be said that Hootsuite is better than Buffer, or what about using Sprout Social! Three different packages with similar ways in … [Read more...]

Twitter grades for Online Social Media

Twitter grades for Online Social Media

You can learn how to grow your Twitter business; it is basically like going back to school where you can get your account graded using an innovative tool by Hootsuite. Grader by Hootsuite is very easy to use and well worth looking at, it is as simple as using your Twitter to sign-in. Once you … [Read more...]

HootSuite acquires uberVU: Social media meets

HootSuite acquires uberVU- Social media meets

HootSuite has just acquired uberVU, this is when Social media management and social joins forces to bring something new to the table, uberVU is very well known for providing deep data insights and has a massive client base. It was announced yesterday that the acquisition went through … [Read more...]

Facebook down so use Hootsuite

Facebook login down so use Hootsuite

Many big named social media sites have outage problems now and then; take Yahoo mail for example, so users are still having issues. But unlike Yahoo when Facebook down time does not actually mean your locked out completely. When Facebook is down and you cannot post status messages etc, dependent … [Read more...]

Hootsuite social media dashboard: One million users milestone


We do enjoy a good infographic here at OSM and only recently have posted about one on the top Yahoo searches for 2010, and also another on the evolution of e-mail. Now a new infographic, this time about Hootsuite, the social media dashboard, has come to our attention. … [Read more...]

New Twitter User Interface: Improve Your Marketing


Online social networking site Twitter, has improved it's User Interface therefore if you are hoping to look at your marketing methods, then this may well benefit you. Mari Smith at Social Media Examiner TV has looked into this and how the new features can be used in the appropriate fashion. … [Read more...]

Startup Success: Identifying Opportunities and Maintaining Focus


With Hoot Suite's popularity growing to 800,000 people since its official launch in 2006, Dario Meli, one of the three founders has spoken to Sarah Kessler at Mashable about success, identifying opportunities to drive the business forward, staying focused as well as what he has learned as a founder. … [Read more...]

HootSuite Like Flickr, Vimeo and Pandora: Now Freemium


HootSuite, a ‘Social media dashboard’ application which gives businesses the tools they need to effectively market through social networks is now working under a Freemium model. A Freemium model is where you make your product or service free to everybody and charge for the premium features. … [Read more...]