Submit your LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge proposal

LinkedIn is a very powerful professional social media network, and because of this they are calling out to all data-driven people. Asking them to utilize LinkedIn’s data and then submit their very own proposal as part of the ‘LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge.’

The challenge is where the thinkers use LinkedIn’s data, and what research would they propose that could make or create a greater economic opportunity.

LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge

In simple terms, researchers in the U.S will submit proposals for looking over LinkedIn’s data on education, companies, geographies and even the characteristics of people’s business work lives. It is a great way of helping solve issues that occur, but in a different way to what Facebook and Twitter have already done.

Both Twitter and Facebook have asked researchers to study its data, but LinkedIn want to take things one step further.

The new ‘LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge’ only applies to U.S residents, submitting proposals will end on December 15, 2014. Winners will be selected Q1, 2015.

There will be an award of $25,000 (USD) to the winning individual or team, as well as an opportunity to visit LinkedIn’s headquarters where they will be able to join in the LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge Research Reception. Chosen winners will also have the chance to attend the ‘Final Presentation’ in 2015.

Have you submitted your ‘LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge’ proposal?

Submit your LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge proposal