Santa Claus, MD of Christmas LinkedIn account

Santa Claus’s business credentials are a cut above the rest, and with his worldwide workload he has decided to open a new LinkedIn account.

His LinkedIn account is under the name ‘Santa Claus - MD of Christmas’, his current job role is CEO of Letter from Santa at the NSPCC, which he has been doing for 16 years 1 month.

Santa Claus, MD of Christmas LinkedIn account pic 1

The MD of Christmas is at the heart of NSPCC’s fundraising campaign. His LinkedIn description is informative where he lets followers know they might know him has Father Christmas or Saint Nicholas.

He also said his sleigh has been fitted with a new SatNav, and now wants to try his chances with advertising through snow-cial media as well as the normal Lapland Chronicle.

His LinkedIn profile says he speaks all languages, and he cares for children the most. He was educated at the North Pole University, and gained a PhD in Christmas Cheer. Santa Claus still recommends the NSPCC if you wish to send Santa a Christmas wish list letter, he is just on LinkedIn so more people get to know him.

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Santa Claus, MD of Christmas LinkedIn account