New LinkedIn investment pushes Irish job growth

LinkedIn is investing more into Ireland and with recently acquiring a building with 17,000 square metres next to its existing offices at Wilton Place; more jobs will be created in Dublin.

With the latest significant investment plans it could create at least another 600 job vacancies in Dublin, Ireland. The professional social media network already employ 600 staff within its Wilton Place offices.

New LinkedIn investment pushes Irish job growth pic 1

The building they have just bought can cater for at least another 600 people, which could bring LinkedIn’s workforce numbers in Dublin to over 1200.

Back in 2010 LinkedIn only employed 3 people in Dublin, it just goes to show how aggressive the company is growing, and the job growth created by the professional network is astonishing and healthy. LinkedIn is not yet committing itself to the job creations just yet, as construction hasn’t even started yet on the new building.

Constructions plans are set to begin May 2015, which should be completed by 2017. The Irish Times reports the overall LinkedIn investment is around €90 million.

What are your views on the job growth potential in Dublin thanks to the new LinkedIn investment?

New LinkedIn investment pushes Irish job growth