4 ways for finding investors through LinkedIn

4 ways for finding investors through LinkedIn pic 1

Previously, it seemed that immediate relations and banks were only the real sources of funds if you were to start a cause. Thankfully, after the Security and Exchange Commission lifted the ban on gaining investments through the general public, generating funds to run a successful cause was made much … [Read more...]

New LinkedIn investment pushes Irish job growth

New LinkedIn investment pushes Irish job growth

LinkedIn is investing more into Ireland and with recently acquiring a building with 17,000 square metres next to its existing offices at Wilton Place; more jobs will be created in Dublin. With the latest significant investment plans it could create at least another 600 job vacancies in Dublin, … [Read more...]

Warren Buffett Twitter: 6-days, 2 tweets & over 408,000 followers

Warren Buffett Twitter- 6-days, 2 tweets & over 408,000 followers

Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett is one man to follow at the moment on Twitter, he sure knows how to amass a huge following with a single tweet. Successful investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett started his Twitter account on May 2nd with one single tweet that said, … [Read more...]

Twitter Finalizing $800 Million Funding Deal- $8 Billion Valuation


Twitter is looking to get bigger by injecting its wings with a chunky $800 million funding round. The popular microblogging service is steadily growing but is still way behind Facebook, with Google+ even coming in now to stir up some serious social competition. Facebook received a similar … [Read more...]

Facebook Investors Want To Offload $1 Billion Of Shares


With Facebook being an internet powerhouse, you would be expect investors to be fighting each other to pump cash into the company. Well it looks like one firm of investors has lost their bottle and wants out early. Or do they know something we dont? … [Read more...]

Facebook Gets $190.5 Million Investment From T. Rowe Price


Facebook have just had a nice healthy cash injection, after investment company T. Rowe Price pumped $190.5 million into the social networking company. … [Read more...]

Bono’s Facebook Investment Pays Off: Shares Quadruple In 1 Year


As if he wasnt rich enough... U2 lead singer Bono, real name Paul Hewson, has revealed how last year he purchased a 1.5% share of Facebook for £130 million, and now 12 months later how it is worth around £485 million. Unfortunately for the 50 year old business brain, he cannot sell his shares yet … [Read more...]

Facebook: Goldman Invests $450 Million Into Social Networking


We previously reported that the value of Facebook had increased dramatically, the estimations showed around 56% growth. Now we are reporting that Facebook’s value seems to have increased even more. Facebook has also had a large investment of $450 million from Goldman Sachs and a $50 million … [Read more...]