Breaking down LinkedIn for solicitors

LinkedIn is a network for professional people covering all types of titles, everyone has different ways they want their LinkedIn profile to look. But when it comes to solicitors it is recommended to make sure profiles and company pages are completely filled out and optimised.

Do not be afraid to make connections, join loads of groups and do not forget to share blogs from your company, try to find a niche when sharing content. Treat LinkedIn like a networking event and add skills to your profile. It is all about connecting yourself with the businesses you want to do business with.

Visualistan has put together a very nice infographic that goes into great detail about LinkedIn for Solicitors, and breaking down LinkedIn for solicitors makes life easier for future and current LinkedIn users that are solicitors.

Reports by Greentarget ‘Strategic Communications’ recently conducted a social media study that shows older lawyers in their 40s, 50s and 60s are starting to embrace social networks more than ever now than they did before. LinkedIn is seen as being the most credible network, with 88% saying they perceived the content they received from the network as being trustworthy.

The infographic also delves into much more such as LinkedIn numbers and how you should fill out your profile, it makes sense to do it correctly considering there are over 300 million LinkedIn users, 2 new members are joining every second, there are 187 milllion monthly active users per month, and 40% of users check LinkedIn in a daily basis.

Please do read the full breakdown of the LinkedIn for solicitors infographic below -

LinkedIn for Solicitors #infographic

Breaking down LinkedIn for solicitors