Twitter is down with error message

The heavily popular micro-blogging platform Twitter is down with an on-screen error message, both desktop and mobile are having issues.

Twitter is down with error message

When you visit Twitter online you will see an error message saying, “Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.”

However, it seems to be mainly the web version having more or the issue. The web version is totally offline and the app version on mobile devices is starting to come back slowly for some.

Twitter have not yet released any statements as to why they are offline, but we do know its been down for around 30 minutes.

Is Twitter down for you on January 19th, 2016?

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  • Kerry

    YES, it is down for me on web version only. Twitter on iOS is fine for me now.

  • Simon

    Twitter is not working for me, been down for like 20 minutes for me.