Land Yourself a Job in Social Media

With more businesses choosing to promote their goods and/or services via popular social media sites, there has been a boom in the demand for professionals who are skilled in working on these platforms. As the popularity of using social media to promote a business has grown, so has the number of people wanting to specialise and secure work in this field. If you are one of these people who is unhappy in your current role and feel you would be better suited to, and would enjoy, a role in social media, you might be wondering what steps you need to take to land yourself a job.

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An overview of a role in social media

Before you start getting ready to land yourself a job in social media, there is one thing you should consider first. The field of social media is diverse and within it there are a variety of roles available. You need to think about where your skills and interests lay and in which sub-speciality of social media you feel most attracted to. Here are some examples of these sub-specialties:

● Developing and/or analysing the social media marketing campaign
● Content Writing
● Direct communication with customers, including replies to comments and direct messages.
● Developing a social media application
● Pay-per-click advertising

A guide to landing a job in social media

Roles in social media are very desirable right now, which means there will be a lot of competition. If you have any hop of securing a job there are things you need to do first, here is a guide:

1. Gain experience: you will need to be familiar with social media platforms and all of their features, furthermore you will be required to use these. Therefore it is a good idea to gain experience by using social media sites regularly.

2. Establish your own brand: you need to show that you can promote a company so that it becomes well known, what better way to prove this than by making a name for yourself online. Use social media sites and things like blogs, to establish a brand for yourself and gather a following.

3. Develop content: prospective employers will most likely look you up online and will read some of the things you have posted. Therefore try to make it original and unique, write it from scratch and make sure it would pass any plagiarism testing, proving you can create unique content, which is essential.

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4. Keep up-to-date: social media and how it is used is ever changing, make sure you keep up-to-date with any changes by reading news specifically in this area, familiarising yourself with new features and applications, and also your competition.

5. Promote yourself: show off your marketing strategies and skills by promoting yourself online. Reach out to other, more popular and related websites and ask if they will show your content on their site.

6. Network: try to speak to other professionals in social media and begin to network, this will give you people more knowledgeable and experience in the field to speak and ask questions to, expanding your understanding. Furthermore, it may also help you to secure a job later on.

7. Start looking for jobs: once you feel confident that you have developed your knowledge and skills in social media you can start looking for jobs. Make sure you update your CV and cover letter and also check over everything you have posted to make sure that there is nothing on there you would not like prospective employers to see.

You are now ready to begin your journey to landing yourself a job in social media and finding true job satisfaction. Good luck!

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