Earthquake in Manipur supported by Facebook tool

Mark Zuckerberg recently updated his Facebook status to let users know they have activated its ‘Safety Check’ to see if their friends are OK after the devastating earthquake in Manipur that reached a magnitude of 6.7 killing at least 9 people according to BBC News.

Earthquake in Manipur supported by Facebook tool

The northeastern India magnitude 6.7 earthquake happened at 4:35 AM today (local time) and was reported by The United States Geological Survey, with the epicenter near Imphal. Other areas felt the tremors such as Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar. Some thought there was a Bangladesh earthquake but it was just the tremors from Manipur.

People were left shocked after the India earthquake and this is why Facebook activated its Safety Check tool to help let friends and family know if loved ones in the area are ok.

The Facebook Safety Check tool is easy to use, all you need to do is click on this link and it will let you know if your friends or family listed on your friends list are ok or not. You can find and connect with friends in the area. You can also mark them safe if you know that they’re OK.

Please do check the tool above to see if any of your friends are in the affected area. Please do let us know if you find the Facebook tool useful.

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