Twitter heart symbol vs star in favorite debate

When it comes to social media networks it seems there are always mixed feelings about change, sometimes they are welcomed and other just cannot get to grips with the adjust. This seems to be what is happening after Twitter decided to change the star to a heart recently, and why the Twitter heart symbol vs. star in favorite debate has begun.

Yesterday Twitter put it upon users its new “favorite” feature with “like” as well as changing the star symbol with a heart that basically means “likes”. Apparently hearts are better because users can express more rather than using a star.

Twitter heart symbol vs star in favourite shootout pic 1

Changes are always hard at first, the yellow star has gone and replaced by a red star and users have to get used to this because you have no choice really – or do you? Well, thanks to IBTimes they report how you can bring ‘favorite’ stars back to Twitter using Fav Forever.

If you do not like the Twitter heart symbol you can change back to the usual star, IBTimes recently reported a Twitter user named @reedkavner designed a new Chrome Extension allowing users to bring back the star as well as the favorite feature. This will turn your hearts into yellow stars again; this does NOT work in any other browser such as IE, Firefox etc.

All you need to do is install the ‘Fav Forever’ extension to Google Chrome browser, once installed on your browser just launch Twitter on Chrome. You can change back to the new heart when you are ready by going to Settings > Extensions and uncheck Fav Forever.

Do you prefer the new Twitter heart or the star?

Twitter heart symbol vs star in favourite shootout pic 2

  • James

    I like the heart, it makes it more special as a like.

  • Kerry

    Its only a small change but when you are so used the star and then you see a heart its kind of daunting.