Facebook vs Twitter with mobile messaging

Mobile messaging is big business and when it comes to apps and social media what do young people prefer when it comes to Facebook and Twitter?

Pew Research Center has put an extensive research piece together; now other than texting direct from a mobile device consumers have taken to apps to send messages to friends, family or business colleagues but what one comes out on top?

Pinterest and Instagram Usage Doubles Since 2012, Growth on Other Platforms is Slower

The research covers many avenues; such as 36% of smartphone owners prefer to use the likes of iMessage, WhatsApp and Kik, with 17% using applications where messages are automatically deleted such as Wickr and Snapchat. But between the ages of 18 and 29 49% use messaging apps, but a staggering 41% prefer the messages that delete automatically.

But, with Facebook remaining the most popular social media service in the world, social messaging is free and globally used, but even though Twitter is very successful it has not attracted more users than Facebook since last September. The Pew Research Centre report shows that 72 percent of adult Internet users in USA alone are currently using Facebook, which has changed a little since 2014, and there is only 23 percent using Twitter.

Facebook seems to be going from strength to strength, but we cannot forget the likes of Pinterest with 31 percent of online usage and Instagram with 28 percent. Compared to those between 18 and 29 using Facebook only 32 percent use Twitter. The Pew report was conducted from March 17 through April 12 sampling 1,907 adults based on telephone interviews.

Click on the link above and read the 4-page report, well worth a read.

Facebook vs Twitter with mobile messaging