Social media spurs like gender equality at Target

Consumers are more in control of the retail industry than ever by harnessing the power of social media to activate social movements.

How social media spurs social change & companies can empower it — like gender equality at Target - Big-box retailers and industry trendsetters are quick to react to pushes for social change on the Web, like in the instance this week where Target addressed the heavily Tweeted about issue of gender-based aisle signs in their stores and Target addressed this issue in a big way.

target gender

Social intelligence and data visualization platform, Wayin, shows that more than 27,000 posts have already been shared about the Target gender-based signs announcement in the past week and it looks like females are more appreciative of the news than their male counterparts — posts were 60% positive for females versus only 37% positive for males.

Whether Target’s move to address conversations about gender-based signs was a successful business move for them or not is subjective.

What is made clear, however, is their strong handle on social media relations with their quick ability to react to customer complaints on social in real-time?

Social media spurs like gender equality at Target