GTA Online maintenance August 17 for 7 hours

GTA Online will be down for a long 7 hours on August 17 and 18 for a scheduled maintenance, which will leave players unable to access and play others.

The Grand Theft Auto Online maintenance will be starting at 4:00 AM BST / 11:00 PM ET and 3:00 AM UK and will be ongoing for 7 hours. This means certain features such as the Social Club website and many other online features will not be available during this process.

GTA Online maintenance August 17, 18 for 7 hours pic 1

Gamers will still be able to access and as usual during the maintenance down period. As soon as this is finished players will be updated via the official website addresses above.

No one knows for sure why Rockstar has scheduled the maintenance, clearly they are updating the servers but many questions have been put forward over on Rockstar’s official Twitter support page. One question mentions about multiplayer connections being better and well as Internet service and settings will be improved as well because a few have been having issues with other Xbox One users.

How do you feel about the scheduled GTA Online maintenance August 17 for 7 hours?

The funny thing is! On August 18 00:00 AM PDT / 7:00 AM GMT for 1.5 hours the PSN network will being undergoing its routine maintenance. As far as we can see we cannot see anything tying these two scheduled maintenance’s together.

GTA Online maintenance August 17, 18 for 7 hours pic 2

  • dsadsadsasad

    Nah, Doesn’t effect me. I play gta online every day for like 7h but it starts about 6 am here in Finland. My school day ends at 3 pm. So american’s you are F*****!

    • Ninja

      Hey dildo, no we aren’t, starts at 11pm - 4am genius. How do you figure we are fucked? I go to bed before then, for I have school, and get home well after 4 am. Dumb ass foreigner.

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    I wonder what they are doing?

  • YourDumb

    Bruhh in America , Kids Are On Summer Break @dsadsadsasad 😱😑