Twitter, YouTube Tour de France crash footage

Monday July 6, 2021 Stage 3 of Tour De France started its 159.5KM Anvers / Huy, you can watch the live feed right here for the standings etc. But at one-point organisers had to stop the race after a horrific crash happened just after 100km.

The Tour de France crash during stage three can be viewed below thanks to Twitter and YouTube footage, we have decided to add both for you to view.

Twitter, YouTube Tour de France crash footage pic 2

Fabian Cancellara of Trek Factory Racing was the race leader when he came down really hard just before the first categorised climb of Côte de Bohissau, around 55km before the finish line at the Mur de Huy. Even though he looked a little dazed after the heavy fall, which involved another 20 riders he got back on the saddle after talking to race staff and medics and rode on.

The race was stopped completely by Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme, and riders did not agree with his decision. The race was stopped for safety reasons; it was around 12 minutes later the riders made their way to the top of Cote de Boshissau waiting for the race to start.

Tom Dumoulin withdrew from the race after injuries were sustained, keep up-to-date with the Tour de France live feed, as well as staying updated via the official Twitter account.

Twitter, YouTube Tour de France crash footage pic 1